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Top 10 Funniest Britches Jokes and Puns

Talking shoes

What did the shoes say to the capri pants?
"What's up britches!"

What did the shoes say to the black underpants?
"Whassup my knickers?"

What did the suspenders say to the trousers?

What's up, britches?!

What did the shirt say to the pants?

What up britches!

(At a photography studio today, taking an extended family picture with like 15 people there. This is what the photographer said to get us to smile. I couldn't stop laughing, and was beet red. We had to wait for me to calm down. I'm a middle age married man with teenage kids , it was great fun seeing my girls roll their eyes at dad, that couldn't stop laughing at a dumb joke.)

What did the shoes say to the pants?

What up, britches?

What's the first rule of tailoring club?

Britches get stitches.

What did the cool new shoes say to the pants?

What up britches?!


What song does the queen of England sing when she takes her clothes off?

London's Britches Falling Down

What did the socks say to the pants?

Yo britches!!!!

What's the proper way to say goodbye to a room full of German britches?


Why was Baloo arrested?

He found his way into some little britches.

What does a half-naked Ben Franklin say after stumbling out of a French whorehouse?

"Where my britches at?"

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