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A guy is sitting home alone, when suddenly he hears a knock on the door.

He gets up to answer. There are two policemen outside. They ask him if he's married. He says yes and the policemen want to see the photo of the wife. He gets one and shows it to them.
The policemen exchange sad looks and one of them says:
"I'm very sorry, but it looks like your wife was hit by a truck."
"Yeah I guess, but she's got a great sense of humor and cooks a hell of a brisket."

Doctor to Patient do you smoke?

Patient: yes

Doctor: marijuana, cigarettes, cigars, Vapes?

Patient: mostly brisket, and pork.

Doctor: Sir, do you smoke?

Patient: Yeah.
Doctor: Cigarettes? Marijuana?
Patient: Mostly Brisket and Pork...

Shamelessly stolen from Doctor Mike on Youtube, but hell I laughed at that...

If Fred Durst opened a BBQ restaurant, he'd probably call it...


What kind of meat does Fred Durst bbq?

Limp Brisket

(probably not original but I did think of it just now)

I was arguing with a vegan for bringing beef brisket in a potluck party, not knowing everyone else attending the party is also vegan.

It was an unnecessary beef about an unnecessary beef

Why didn't the butcher cross the road?

He didn't want to brisket

A grill master wanted to load up the grill with more BBQ, but he was running low on hot coals ...

So, he decided not to brisket.

What's the weirdest thing you ever masterbated with?

A piece of ham.

I felt guilty so I went to my rabbi and confessed.

He told me "you're a Jewish boy you should have used a nice piece of brisket"

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