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Top 10 of the Funniest Brighten Jokes and Puns

What's yellow and comes in the morning to brighten every parent's day?

The school bus.

I like my women like i like my coffee...

...Always there to brighten my morning


...Black and strong




...With sauce

...Twice before I leave the house

...Right before I smoke

...Bitter and cold

...At the end of the day, scraped off the bottom of a pot

...Slow roasted

...Ground up in my freezer

...With boiling water poured over them

...Light and sweet

...A day old

I need someone good with photography to brighten all my images for me.

Hoping you'll do it for the exposure.

What do I use to brighten my mood when it's dark?

A fleshlight.

I met a girl who could brighten up the room just by...

leaving the room

Every time I click "Remember Me" on a login page, I get a little sad thinking about my fleeting existence...

...But some cookies would brighten my day!

Disclaimer: Made this joke up just now.

So I threw a lamp on my grumpy friend...

... and told him to brighten the f**k up!

A man asked a scholar if it is okay to scratch your hand while in pilgrimage...

Hey guys, it is bedtime now and am pretty depressed after a long bad day. Remembering this story-found in Arabic literature-made me chuckle so I hope it will brighten your day too.

A man asked a scholar if it is okay to scratch own arm while in pilgrimage?

The scholar: yes, you can.

Man: to what extent?

The scholar: until you see the bones!!!

I complimented my Jewish girlfriend today, but all she did was slap me!

Apparently, "You have a smile that could brighten the holocaust" wasn't very appropriate.

Wanna know how to brighten the day of everyone on Earth?

A few dozen strategically placed warheads should do the trick.

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