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On the bright side of this United Airlines ordeal.

At least they won't have any more problems with overbooking.

On the bright side...

We can look forward to four more years of Michelle Obama speeches from our First Lady.

I heard women in this country only get 78Β’ for every dollar a man earns...

On the bright side, we get to keep 22Β’

If you have Alzheimer's, look on the bright side…

…at least you can hide your own Easter Eggs.

Did you hear about the man who had his right side cut off

He's dead. Died from blood loss. Poor guy. On the bright side, his family got what's left of him.

Why are all optimists blind?

They're constantly looking at the bright side of life.

With so many Americans upset with the candidates in the upcoming Presidential election, we should look on the bright side ...

... and please let me know what it is when you've found it.

Insomnia sufferers. Look on the bright side, only 6 more sleeps until Christmas.

Sadly, my best friend passed away yesterday, so I went to see his wife today...

I said to her, "Look on the bright side, at least he's not suffering anymore."

She replied, "But he wasn't ill, he died suddenly."

I said, "I know, I meant, being married to you."

To this day, the guy who took my lunch money during school still takes my money.

On the bright side, he makes really good subway sandwiches.

There's been a local bloke called Carl going around breaking into people's houses for months...

The Police couldn't catch him. The weird thing is he was breaking into people's houses just to ruin their washing machines by putting bricks in them and turning them on!

Anyway, just heard that he was found dead in an alleyway because of a drug overdose... now it's never nice hearing of a death but on the bright side, washing machines live longer with Carl gone

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On the bright side of the election

There hasn't been a presidential assassination in a while.

I can't see very well in the dark

but on the bright side, I see just fine.

Look on the bright side anti-vaxxers

You'll never have to have "the talk" about puberty, sex, drugs, or driving.

On the bright side

selfie sticks are also lightning rods.

79 million people are without access to drinkable water

Though on the bright side, the number is decreasing!

Im starting to see the bright side of being single..

..If I tip the bottle towards the ceiling, light shines right through the Vodka. Facinating

I lost my wallet and my identity was stolen.

On the bright side, I got it back in the mail with a note.

It said "It sucks to be you."

I forgot to bring the drinks to my senior prom. But hey, look at the bright side.

No punch line.

There's a crippled old beggar on a sidewalk in El Paso with a sign and a paper cup..

A businessman stops, reads the sign that says 'Disabled Vet' and decides to give him a few dollars.

"Look on the bright side," he says. "Things could be worse- you could be blind!"

"I know what you mean.." says the beggar, "When I was blind, people only gave me pesos!"

On the bright side, this is gonna be the most environmentally friendly olympics...

On the bright side, this is gonna be the most environmentally friendly olympics, even the pools are going green.

I asked my crush out and got rejected. My friend was shot in a school shooting on the same day

Well on the bright side, atleast I wasnt the only one that got shot down.

I suffer from terrible insomnia

But on the bright side it's only three more sleeps till Christmas.

Look on the bright side

would be horrible advice to someone trapped in a tanning bed

To deal with the high price of petroleum, public transport systems are looking at alternative fuels, including grasses and herbs.

The program has had some failures, but on the bright side at least the trains run on thyme.

My friend told me to look on the bright side.

He said I could be chest deep in water in a hole in the ground.

I know he means well.

I went paintballing last weekend and it didn't go very well. I got hit by every single paintball that came my way.

On the bright side, it was an overall colourful experience.

A man calls over a waiter during his meal 'There is a fly swimming in my soup!'

'Look on the bright side Sir' replied the waiter 'If the portions weren't so generous he'd be wading'

All my life, I tried to look on bright side of everything...

Now with my cornea damaged, I'm legally blind.

Feminists: Look on the bright side...

There will be more women in the White House than ever!

A friend messaged me some encouraging words today...

What a thoughtful friend I thought as I read the words he wrote to me. It wasn't until I finished that I realized what he wanted in return...

"See The Bright Side.

Everyone Has Some Good In Them.

Never Go To Bed Mad.

Distrust Will Kill Any Relationship.

New Things Won't Make You Happy.

Understanding Is Half The Battle.

Do What You Can.

Even You Can Find A Hidden Meaning.

Surely You Didn't Miss It..."

A man goes to his doctor

His doctor says, your test results came back and I'm afraid I have bad news and worse news

The guy says, well I guess give me the worse news first.

Well, Bob, you have cancer, you only have about a month left to live

The guy flops into the chair, gutted.

Oh my god, that's awful! Well, what was the bad news?

You've got Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's?! Oh, god! Well, looking on the bright side, at least I don't have cancer!

Well, look on the bright side...

At least they won't be talking about that gorilla anymore.

The Washing Machine Criminal

Around my city this guy called Cal had been breaking into houses destroying the washing machines by placing a brick in them.
He did it for 2 months, the police never caught him.
Recently he was found dead. I'm never happy about people dying but on the bright side.

Washing machines live longer with Cal gone...

The doctor told the patient he had cancer, and Alzheimer's...

The patient said, "well look on the bright side, at least I don't have cancer!"

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