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Putin is held hostage by a terrorist.

A Russian truckdriver stops at the back of a long queue on the motorway. He sees a policeman walking down the line of stopped cars to briefly talk to the drivers. As the policeman approaches the truck, the truckdriver rolls down his window and asks:

Driver: What's going on?

Policeman: A terrorist is holding Putin hostage in a car. He's demanding 10 mill rubles, or he'll douse Putin in petrol and set him on fire. So we're asking drivers for donations.

Driver: Oh, ok. How much do people donate on average.

Policeman: About a gallon.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2020 was the Year of the Rat

So we've been spending the entire year holed up, only briefly leaving to get food, running at the sight of other humans, and transmitting infection.

A tour bus is traveling through Nevada...

it briefly passes by the Bunny Ranch in Carson City.

The guide notes, "We are now passing the largest house of legal prostitution in America"

A man in the back shouts, "WHY?!?"

Briefly joke, A tour bus is traveling through Nevada...

He worked for years to invent an engine that ran on ambient disappointment.

But at the unveiling, it wouldn't work.

Then it did.


Whenever I write a letter to someone, I add a footnote briefly explaining Ohm's law.

It's my P.S. de resistance.

I saw a crow on a tree outside my house today...

Another two landed briefly but then flew away again.

It was an attempted murder.

I lost my new underwear...

...I only wore them briefly.

Briefly joke, I lost my new underwear...

Did you wear those underpants on your head?


I went on a date with a girl I'd talked to briefly on Facebook.

After a while she said to me -

What's up? You seem disappointed.

Oh nothing, it's just you don't look anything like your profile picture

That's my 12 year old daughter

How do government employees wink when they're at work?

They briefly open one eye.

Footballer Dwight Yorke just got denied entry to the US due to an Iranian stamp in his passport.

Makes a change at least, most of his troubles are from briefly entering Jordan.

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How do you briefly describe an acorn?

In a nutshell, it's an oak tree.

A Jewish Man, Killed in the Holocaust, Rises to Heaven. Once there, he Tells God a Holocaust Joke.

God contemplates the joke briefly before echoing out in a thunderous voice:


The man simply shrugs:

I guess you had to be there.

I once briefly dated a girl with progeria.

Got old quick.

There were three unruly kids in detention

Their names were Zip, Willie and Pee. The teacher briefly left the room and the three kids saw this as an opportunity to have some fun. Zip jumped up onto a table and started dancing. Willie went into the teachers cupboard and Pee started running around.

The teacher shortly came back, saw the chaos and said:

'Zip down, Willie out, Pee in the corner!'

Hitlers Disease

A little known fact about Adolf Hitler he had severe asthma and lung issues his whole life. He even wrote in his journal about it briefly titled Mein Cough.

Briefly joke, Hitlers Disease

Did you hear about the popular underwear campaign?

It was briefly successful

So a man robbed an underwear store...

...and the perpetrator was arrested briefly.

An Englington man was briefly detained and questioned for yelling racial epitaphs in a local park.

When questioned he told officers he was walking around the park looking for his lost dog....Snickers.

Michael Jackson was briefly appointed the new Grim Reaper.

He was fired because all he did was sell Pop Sickles.

Chuck Norris gazed briefly into an abyss.

The abyss shied away.

Dave ran around in his underwear one night

The officer who caught him let him off easy because he was only *briefly* breaking the law.

With all the political debate raging in the U.S. right now, I thought it would be constructive to briefly review the first article in the Constitution

It's "the."

May I briefly interrupt you?

Briefly explain 'hard water'


My friend asked me if goldfish suffer from depression

i said "Yes, but very briefly..."

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