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What do you call a nun carrying a briefcase?

Nun of your business.

My uncle performed circumcisions...

He kept all the foreskin and had a tailor make it into a wallet. Rub it for 5 minutes and you get a briefcase.

Today just wasn't my day.

I got up this morning, put on a shirt and a button fell off. I picked up my briefcase and the handle came off. Finally leave the house for work and the doorknob comes loose and just breaks off.

I'm afraid to go to the bathroom..

Miley Gets Classy

One day, Miley Cyrus had a business suit on and was carrying a briefcase.
When she walked outside, a man noticed what she was wearing.
"Wow, you're looking fancy. Where are you even going?" the man asked.
She responded "Twerk."

jokes about briefcase

A Husband Told His Wife...

"I'm putting this briefcase full of money in the attic. When I die and go to Heaven, I'll take it up there with me."

Well the day comes when he dies and a few months later the wife goes to the attic and finds the briefcase still where he left it before he died.

"I knew I should have put it in the basement..."

Did you hear about the wallet the Rabbi made out of all the foreskin he snipped?

If you stroked it, it became a briefcase !!

I bought a briefcase from a new company in Northern California.

It's a Zero Hella-burton.

Briefcase joke, I bought a briefcase from a new company in Northern California.

Just witnessed the shortest ever dispute in court about a guy who supposedly stole a woman's bag.

It was a briefcase.

Two detectives are at a crime scene.

They locate a briefcase that is vital evidence to the investigation.

One of the detectives says to the other "It's an open-and-shut case".

What do you call a man in a tree with a briefcase?

A branch manager.

Where does the pervert keep the underwear he steals?

In his briefcase!

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Why was the lawyer home early?


Have you meet my briefcase?

I named him Justin... Justin Case

A clown with a briefcase walks into a bar

The barman calls security and says "sorry, no funny business"

The bellboy

The vacationer paid his hotel bill then yelled to the bellboy, "Please-hurry! Run up to room 1026 and see if I left me briefcase and overcoat. Hurry-please! I've got just six minutes to make my plane!" Four minutes later, the bellboy came back, terribly out of breath. "Yes sir," he reported. "They're up there!"

Some people say I have my Father's face

Not sure how they know, the briefcase I put it in is locked

Briefcase joke, Some people say I have my Father's face

Husband goes home drunk

To avoid trouble, he takes out his laptop and pretends to be busy.

His wife went close to him and asked, "You are drunk again, right"

Husband: No!

Wife: Then why are you typing on your briefcase?

Did you hear the one about the briefcase thief?

It was an open and shut case.

What did the cop say to the thief he caught trying to steal a briefcase full of corn chips?

That's nacho briefcase, hand it over.

When evidence was presented in a murder trial, it was clear that the presented object was the murder weapon

It was a briefcase

The president of America, the president of Russia, and the Queen of England are playing cards.

Elizabeth the Second lays a full house and sips daintily upon a cup of tea. A Russian agent puts a finger to his ear momentarily and approaches the table with a sleek briefcase, which Putin opens to reveal a marvelous hand. Donald then smiles and shows five trump cards.

I was on trial for stealing a man's luggage.

It was a briefcase.

What do boxers carry their underwear in?

A briefcase

There was a murder in town recently

But the detectives found the murder weapon in only 5 minutes...

...It was a brief-case

bad day today

I put on my shirt, a button fell off. I picked up my briefcase, the handle fell off. I'm afraid to go to the bathroom!!

Credit Rodney Dangerfield

Two thieves were looking to steal a briefcase of money in a room full of luggage.

The first thief picked one up and asked Is this it?

The second thief replied It seems to be the case.

Briefcase joke, Two thieves were looking to steal a briefcase of money in a room full of luggage.

A doctor specializing in circumcision is about to retire...

Over the years he has kept all the foreskins and approaches a leather smith to see if he can make them into something.

A few weeks later the leather smith delivers a small wallet to the doctor, the doctor is confused saying "I gave you loads of foreskins and you only made this tiny wallet?"

The leather smith replies with "ah you see, if you rub it the right way it turns into a briefcase"

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