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Top 10 Funniest Bridg Jokes and Puns

Why are there no bridges named after Chuck Norris?

Nobody crosses Chuck Norris.

A bridge killed my family...

We're arch enemies now.

Bridge blown up

During a drill a bridge is labeled with a sign as blown up. To his anger the drill instructor sees a whole platoon crossing the bridge. The last soldier has a sign on his back. The instructor pulls out his binoculars. The sign reads: We're swimming.

For the bridge enthusiasts out there: I think my ex must have been a bottom supported bridge with a track running down the middle.

Cantilever alone without someone running a train on her.

Work in progress, needs fine tuning.

What did the bridge say when the man went across it then came back?

Don't double cross me!

Bridget asks her son Paul, Paul, would you say I'm pretty or ugly?"

"A bit of both, actually" replies the teenager

"How do you mean that?" asks the puzzled Bridget

"I'd say you are pretty ugly"

What does a bridge say when it's overloaded?

I don't truss myself

Why are bridges always so vengeful?

Because everyone crosses them!

^^^I ^^^Feel ^^^No ^^^Shame

What's a bridges favourite genre of film?



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