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  1. I think that the president and his cabinet listened to Pink Floyd "We don't need no education" -Devos
    "All in all its just another brick in the wall" -Trump
  2. What did the fish say when it ran into the brick wall? Dam
    P.s. sorry if you know this one
  3. How do you throw an egg againts a brick wall without breaking it? It doesn't matter, there is no way an egg would actually break brick wall.
  4. What happened to vin diesel when Dwayne Johnson pinned him against a brick wall? He found himself between The Rock and a hard place.
  5. Once Chuck Norris attempted to punch through a brick wall, but the brick wall crumbled in fear.
  6. What is Donald Trumps favourite song? Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd Because he don't need no education....
  7. So a man casually walked into a bar when he was stopped... a brick wall and broke his nose.
  8. Trump said he would build a wall but he hasn't even picked up a brick yet. He's just another middle aged man failing at a DIY project.
  9. Did you hear about Trump getting Pink Floyd back together? Only problem is, he's gonna make them pay for every brick in the wall.
  10. Yo momma so ugly that if ugliness was measured in bricks she would be the Great Wall of China.

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  1. What did the fish say when he hit a brick wall? Dam
  2. Potassium is a brick wall to talk to All it says is "K"
  3. If ugliness were bricks, you'd be the Great Wall of China!
  4. Why can blondes never build walls? They're always one brick short of the load.
  5. my jobs so easy a brick could do it my job is being part of a wall

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What are they going to use to build the wall?

The bricks that were s**... by people when Trump became president.

A man walks by an insane asylum...

An man walks by an insane asylum and hears the inmates gleefully shouting "21! 21! 21" As he gets closer he sees a hole in the brick wall which he approaches so he can peek in and see what's going on. The inmates poke a stick through the hole, poking him in the eye, and yell "22! 22! 22!"

I was layin a brick wall, when all the sudden my neighbour shot it into pieces with a small howitzer.

He immediately became my mortar enemy.

I don't think Donald Trump realizes how strong and unified Latinos are...

Every Latino is like a brick. When they come together they form a wall.

A little boy is sitting with his grandfather (Hans) on a hill overlooking their small town.

The grandfather points out a church in the middle of town and says, "you see that church? I built it, but do they call me "Hans the Church Builder"? No."
A couple minutes later, Hans points out a long brick wall along the outskirts of town. He says to his grandson, "you see that brick wall? I laid all those bricks, but do they call me "Hans the Brick-Layer"? No."
A little while later, Hans points to a bridge just outside of town and says "you see that bridge? I built that bridge! Do they call me "Hans the Bridge-Builder"? No! But you f\*\*k *one sheep*..."

So Donald Trump is standing on the nearly completed US-Mexican wall...

President Trump is standing on the US-Mexico border, next to his nearly completed border wall.
Alongside him is the president of Mexico who is smiling and looking genuinely pleased.
**Trump**:  I have just added the final brick onto the wall so it is now complete. What are you smiling about.
**Mexican President**:  I'm just really happy that you decided to build this beautiful wall.
**Trump**:  Why?
**Mexican President**:  Because you are in Mexico at the moment.

A reporter worked in Israel. Every day she'd see the same Jewish man go to the religious "West Wall" three times a day and pray. He didn't miss a prayer in 20 years.

A reporter worked in Israel. Every day she'd see the same Jewish man go to the religious "West Wall" three times a day and pray. He didn't miss a prayer in 20 years.
One day she approached him and asked what he prays for "In the morning I pray for my family's health, in the afternoon I pray for world peace, and in the evening I pray for an end to suffering"
"What's it like to pray 3 times a day for 20 years?" the reporter asked.
The Jewish man replied "It's a bit like talking to a brick wall"

It's 2 am. A teenage girl climbs up a brick wall and slowly shimmies through her open bedroom window

"Click!" Suddenly, light quickly engulfs the room. The girl discovers her mother siting on her bed with her right hand on the lamp string and a large angry grin of disapproval on her face.
Mother - "What happened to your 12 am curfew?! Where were you??!"
Daughter - "Sigh... I'm sorry mom! Yes I meant to call... I was at Shirley's house and lost track of time! Geez!"
Mother - "That lie you just told is gonna cost you your phone for a month! Your father called me half an hour ago, he's out drinking at his favorite bar with his work friend where he said he saw you with some boy! What were you thinking?! you're underage!"
Daughter - "UGH! Mom Chill! Yes I lied ok? That boy was just my friend Daniel! You know THAT Daniel??? It was his Birthday so me and Shirley got fake I.D's and took him to a Gay Bar to mingle! What's the big deal?!..."