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Jewish Judge

Taking his seat in his chambers, the smart, HONEST Jewish Judge faced the opposing lawyers.

"So, the Judge said, I have been presented, by both of you, with a bribe."

Both lawyers became uncomfortable.

" You, attorney John, gave me $ 50,000 and you, attorney Sam, gave me $ 60,000."

The judge now reached into his pocket and pulled out $ 10,000, He handed it to attorney Sam and said...

"Now that I'm returning $ 10,000, we're going to decide this case solely on its merits.

Did you hear about the woman who tried to bribe the police with pennies?

She was taken in by the coppers.

Why is bribery illegal in election?

Because you actually get what you were promised.

Bribe joke, Why is bribery illegal in election?

Bribery is never the answer...

At least, that is what they paid me to say

Nike's thought when considering whether or not to participate in the FIFA bribe scandal...

Just do it

I don't need to bribe my children to be good...

Because they are good for nothing.

A Libertarian, a Republican, and a Liberal walk into a bar...

the bouncer asks for their IDs. The liberal says he identifies as a 21 year old so they should let him in, the republican hands the bouncer a bribe because the rules don't apply to him. The libertarian asks Do you have a warrant? .

Bribe joke, A Libertarian, a Republican, and a Liberal walk into a bar...

I went to school to become a Bribe Coordinator...

So far, it's really paying off.

a district administrator was offered a large bribe to fire some of the heads of his local schools

but he stuck by his principals

100 dollars

can be used to bribe 99% of the population.

An old carpenter was carrying a coffin on his head

An old man was carrying a coffin on his head in his bicycle during midnight. He saw a cop standing near a check post who stopped him. The cop asked him why he was carrying coffin on his head. Fearing he might have to bribe the cop he said It was so hot wherever I was buried. I am trying to move to a new burial ground with my coffin . The cop fainted.

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If you're about to bribe a politician, always go for a female one.

You'd only have to give them 77% of the money you would've had to give a man

At the Airport

Customs: Where is your passport
Me: *hands credit card*
Customs: You can't bribe me
Me: It's my visa

I tried to offer my school administrator a bribe

But he was too principled

Why couldn't the FBI find Sepp Blatter's bribe money?

He used it all to bribe Canada to host the Women's World Cup.

Why did Sepp Blatter cross the road?

To get to the other bribe

Bribe joke, Why did Sepp Blatter cross the road?

What Hillary's word for a bribe?

Pay her and she'll speak to you about it.

How many bribes does it take to kill a politician?


Did you hear about the mad scientist who was paid to make a monster?

It was the bribe of Frankenstein.

Whats the difference between being in a library and hanging out with your baby cousin?

You don't need to bribe the people in the library to keep quiet

My dad just had thought surgery and i asked him if he could still talk

he said yes, and i'm about to email the doctor to see if i can get my bribe back.

What do bribed radio stations do to up and coming artists?

They FM.

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