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Top 10 of the Funniest Brewer Jokes and Puns

Did you hear that the beer brewing Company got a new Brewer?

He's only got one leg and is in charge of hops

Two brewers made a joke about drowning in beverage.

You wouldn't understand it. It's an in-cider joke.

What does a brewery and a Nickelback concert have in common?

They are both responsible for a lot of boos.

Brewer joke, What does a brewery and a Nickelback concert have in common?

BREWER: We're sorry to inform you Mrs. O'reilly that your husband drowned today at the Guinness factory

WIFE: Well at least give me the comfort in knowing it was a quick death

BREWER: well he drowned in only 15 minutes, short considering he got out of the keg twice to pee

Why did the brewery keep rabbits on hand?

So they could add the hops.

I believe Jesus worked as a beer brewer.

The bible says Hebrews.

Why did the beer brewer hang himself?

He had no hops.

Brewer joke, Why did the beer brewer hang himself?

How does the beer brewer get around with a broken ankle?

He hops.

I went to a brewery tour and the tour guide asked what horrible thing happened in the early 1900s

Apparently women's suffrage wasn't the right answer.

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