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  1. They tried to combine a networked hard drive with a device that brewed drinks... It was NAS-tea
  2. Why was Karl Marx arrested for brewing a cup of Earl Grey? Because all proper tea is theft.
  3. How long does it take to brew traditional Chinese tea produced through a process including withering the plant under strong sun and oxidation before curling and twisting? tOolong.
  4. Chai Tea My wife just got back from Tai Chi class. She brewed a p**... of Chai Tea. I told here it tasted pretty s**......
    The bruises will heal soon.

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  1. How does Moses make his tea? He brews it.
  2. What do you call thunder and lightning in a tea cup A storm brewing
  3. What kind of tea do cops make? Police brew tali tea.
  4. How do you describe a Jew making Tea? He-brew
  5. How does Moses make tea? He brews
  6. I entered a tea brewing contest The competition was steep
  7. I left my tea to brew for too long... was a steep learning curve.
  8. I call my kettle Jim Carey, because it brews-all-my-tea.
  9. How does the rabbi make his tea? He-brews it
  10. How does Jesus make tea? He brews it.
  11. What do you call a Jewish host at a tea party? A tea-brew.
  12. Why did the tea bag walk into a bar? To grab a brew
  13. Why didn't the coffee and the tea get along?
    Because they were being "brewed"

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Muslim, Jewish and Christian man

A Christian, a Muslim and a jew are sitting in an apartment chatting. They then decide they want to make tea. The Christian and The Muslim are arguing over who should make it. After a while of going back and forth they look over to the Jew and say:
'Hey, why doesn't he brew'

A Dr. Of marine biology was inspired to create a new beverage.

Dr. Marcus Opor, renowned marine biologist and ocean sustainability expert, experimented with a brewed beverage with skipjack tuna as its primary ingredient. He spent years alternating its composition, striving for a balance of savory and rich ocean flavors. At last, he perfected his "tea", and was ready to bring it to market.
Dr. Opor made a single sample of his piscine tea and brought it to Costco to perform a taste test. Sadly, nobody was interested in his tuna beverage and it was thrown out.
It was a wasted Opor tuna tea.

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