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So Danny Ings is about to play his first game for Liverpool...

...Brendan Rodgers says: "We'll give you 45 minutes, then pull you off at half time."
Danny exclaims: "That's brilliant, we only used to get an orange at Burnley"


Brendan O'Brian

Brendan O'Brian is sitting at a bar, noticeably down. The bartender asks what's wrong and he says,
"You see that church over there? I built that church with my own two hands. But no one ever says, 'There goes Brendan O'Brian, the church builder.'
And did you know I'm a decorated professor at the university here in town? But no one ever says, 'There goes Brendan O'Brian, the math teacher.'
Hell I worked in the hospital for 25 years. No one ever says, 'There goes Brendan O'Brian, the doctor.'
But you fuck ONE goat....."


What's the name of Brendan Dassey's favorite band?

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


Steven Gerrard is appointed as the Rangers manager

A Rangers spokesman said, "We were looking for someone with previous experience at stopping Brendan Rodgers from winning the league."


What is common between 5 and 7?

Brendan Sullivan


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