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So Danny Ings is about to play his first game for Liverpool...

...Brendan Rodgers says: "We'll give you 45 minutes, then pull you off at half time."
Danny exclaims: "That's brilliant, we only used to get an orange at Burnley"

Jurgen Klopp, Ralf Rangnick, Brendan Rodgers and Mikel Arteta walk into a pub

Jurgen Klopp, Ralf Rangnick, Brendan Rodgers and Mikel Arteta walk into a pub

Jurgen bought them all a drink. Once they had finished, Rangnick got a round in. Then Arteta put his hand in his pocket. Then Brendan Rodgers got the beers in.

Once they'd all consumed 4 beers, Klopp went to the bar, bought a drink for himself only, and sat at the table. They all looked at him before Rangnick said "Excuse me Jurgen. What about us?"

Klopp looked at them and said, "Sorry lads. This is the fifth round and none of you are in it."

Did you know Brendan Fraser took a Business Ethics class before filming The Mummy Returns?

He wanted to learn about pyramid schemes.

Steven Gerrard is appointed as the Rangers manager

A Rangers spokesman said, "We were looking for someone with previous experience at stopping Brendan Rodgers from winning the league."

What's the name of Brendan Dassey's favorite band?

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

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