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I like my women like I like COVID

19, breathtaking, and easily spread

Overcome with the beauty of the Earth from space, the astronaut removed his helmet

The view was breathtaking

I unplugged my grandma's life support

The moment was really breathtaking.

Breathtaking joke, I unplugged my grandma's life support

What is space like without a space suit?


I almost drowned yesterday.

It was a breath-taking experience.

I participated in a lung surgery earlier

That was breathtaking

When you go hiking with asthma

You'll always find a breathtaking view

Breathtaking joke, When you go hiking with asthma

People think I'm an idiot because I really enjoy getting strangled.

But, really, it's quite breathtaking!

Last week I saw I noose tying tutorial

It was breathtaking

Today i stole the inhaler of a kid

It was breathtaking

What's the difference between the Eiffel Tower and COVID-19?

One of them is actually breathtaking.

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I really love balloons

They're truly breathtaking

I'm really allergic to pollen

But I feel this spring will be breathtaking

I like musical instruments that you blow into. They're pretty...


What did Keanu Reeves say to COVID-19?

You're Breathtaking!

I hear the view from Mount Everest is breathtaking...


Breathtaking joke, I hear the view from Mount Everest is breathtaking...

As the man went deeper into the ocean, losing his breath...

He thought 'the view is so breathtaking here'

I have a BREATHTAKING reminder for y'all

Automatic breathing deactivated.

And blinking too lol

I was walking with a stupid guy in a park near my house

I told him "Hey look at that beautiful forest over there! Isn't nature truly breathtaking, sometimes?"

He turns over to me and says: "Can't see it, there's these big trees on front blocking the view"

Did you hear about the beautiful strangler?

He was breathtaking.

a small amount of cred to another post i read on this sub today.

I saw a drowning man in the pool...

It was a breath-taking moment!

Why is Keanu Reeves always stealing balloons?

Because he's breathtaking.

I have a business name and slogan, Jim's suffocations

We're breathtaking

I love trees..

They're really breathtaking

Yesterday, I had sex with my GF for the first time

It was really breath-taking

While deep-sea diving I was strangled by an octopus

The whole experience was rather breathtaking.

There is a man who steals air.

Watching him is a breathtaking site.

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