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My wife phoned me, panting and breathless.

"Where are you?" she moaned.

"I'm at the pub." I replied.

She said, "I think the baby's coming!"

I said, "Well, he won't get in. He's underage."

My wife called me on the phone, breathless, and said, Where are you? I said, I'm at the pub.

She said, I think the baby is coming

Me: I don't think he can get in. He will be underage.

What do Taylor Swift and Avada Kedavra have in common?

They'll leave you breathless or with a nasty scar.

A bass player runs into a bar...

where the guitar player and the singer are busy setting up. Breathless, he says "We've got a big problem! I locked my keys in the van!" "Whatever, man" says the singer, "We've got a gig to do, we'll worry about it later." "No, you don't understand" said the bassist, "the drummer is trapped inside!"

Just got 15 Valentines cards! It's left me completely breathless...

The security guard in Clintons Cards gave me quite a chase

The amount of Valentine's day cards I got this year has left me breathless.

Turns out the card shop has a security guard and he gives a good chase.

A woman runs into the clubhouse on a golf course, breathless.

Help... I've been stung by a bee... she gasps.

Where did this happen? asks the pro drinking at the bar.

Between the first and second holes, she replies.

Clearly madam, your stance is too wide.

Breathless joke, A woman runs into the clubhouse on a golf course, breathless.

Today I got 150 Valentines cards, I was totally shocked and breathless

The security guard at Hallmark gave quite a chase!

I was once abducted

The aleins even showed me outside the ship, i was breathless

Did you hear the news about the smoker?

I forgot the whole story, but I remember that he was left breathless by the outcome.

I just got over 15 Valentines cards! It left me breathless...

The security guard at the Hallmark store gave quite a chase.

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The Patriots visit to the White House was so GREAT...

it left Aaron Hernandez choked up and ultimately breathless

I just replaced the 'n' with a 'm'.

Dr. Asthana became breathless.

Cardi B is attractive but...

her sister Cardi O left me breathless.

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