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Beads of sweat were running down her cleavage. Her breathing was hot and heavy.

She moaned as she gained momentum by rocking her hips harder and harder, preparing for the final climactic effort she knew was coming soon. Then, in one final full-body t**..., it was all over, and she breathed a deep sigh of relief and satisfaction. It's always a struggle when the wife gets up off the sofa.

A pregnant woman calls her husband...

A 9 months pregnant woman wakes up in the middle of the night. She can't find her husband, so she calls him on the phone.
The husband picks up.
"Honey, where are you ?" asks the woman, worriedly.
Husband answers (obviously drunk) : "Heeeyyyy babe !! I'm at the cluub with some fellas ! OOOHHH my man Jim just got oursevles a 3rd bottle of v**... !"
The wife is sweating, she takes a deep breath and says "honey, I'm in pain, I think our baby is coming."
Sobering up, the husband replies "But darling, I don't think the bouncer is gonna let him in."

A Rabbi, A Preacher and A Muslim leader get together to see whose religion is real

To prove whose religion is the real one they all decide that whoever can convert a bear to their respective beliefs will have the one true God. So they all go to the forest and agree to meet back at the end of the day to share their results. The Muslim leader and Preacher get back at the same time and the leader says that he didnt get far and that he might need more time, and the preacher says he got about as far. They wait for the Rabbi, when all of a sudden he burst from bushes sweating and out of breath. They asked what happened and he said "I probably shouldn't have started with circumcision!"

A man wants to be an Eskimo...

He meets with the chief and asks him what it would take to become an Eskimo. The chief, wary of letting a white man into his clan, devises a series of impossible challenges. He says, "If you truly want to become part of our Eskimo family, you must do three things:
1) You must drink one gallon of 151 r**..., and if you can handle it and maintain all of your faculties, we will know your body and spirit are in harmony.
2) You must climb up the tall mountain and kill the polar bear that resides in the cave at the summit.
3) To show your true love for our race, you must make love to an Eskimo woman of my choosing."
The man thinks for a while, and agrees to complete the challenges. He first drinks the gallon of 151 and it was like nothing ever happened to him. He can talk, walk, and think logically. Next, he ascends the mountain and is not seen for a few hours after entering the cave. The chief breathes a sigh of relief, because he is sure the polar bear killed him, but gets the shock of his life when he sees the man descending the mountain. He is in tatters. His clothes are ripped, he is breathing heavily and sweating profusely, and his hair is pointing in every direction.
He approaches the chief, ready for the third challenge and asks, "Alright, now who is this woman you want me to kill?"

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