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I was breastfed until 3

But enough about my day

I stopped being breastfed at 3

But enough about my day, how was yours?

I was never breastfed as a child

My mother said she likes me as a friend

Breastfed joke, I was never breastfed as a child

I was on the train this morning...

I was on the train this morning and I sat next to a woman with a newborn baby. She asked if I minded if she breastfed, and I said, "No, just don't suck my nipple to hard."

My mom never breastfed me...

She said she liked me as a friend.

I was breastfed until 3

school officials came in to inform me that I was expelled.

When did the Southern girl realize she was a lesbian?

After the first time her mom breastfed her

Breastfed joke, When did the Southern girl realize she was a lesbian?

My friend thinks it's weird that I was breastfed by my mom until I was 4 years old

It's a good thing he doesn't know that I'm still being vaginafed by his mom

How do you know when a child is too old to be breastfed?

When he says "Next time wear something nice."

Mad Cow Disease has been found to be transmitted to calves when being breastfed

It's udder insanity

Joke of the day

β€”Are you ready to order, Sir? β€”Yes, I want the same thing that kid over there is having, please :) β€”Sir, that baby is being breastfed o.O

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