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Funniest Bread Rising Short Jokes

Short bread rising jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The bread rising humour may include short bread roll jokes also.

  1. a caring mother makes her son loafs of bread shaped like batman, to make his sandwiches fun every time. guess what happens when it's in the oven? the dark knight rises.
  2. I should make a bread company called Jesus' Body The bread is free so I can sit back and watch the profits rise.
  3. Did you hear about the baker who always fantasized about being a king? He walked into his bread oven room and said, "All rise."
  4. Christianity became a thing in Westeros. In communion, they say... "What is bread may never rise"
  5. Did you hear about the overly-eager bread dough? In the morning he was always the first one to rise.
    He didn't want to be a loaf.
  6. I was making bread today but got evicted before it had time to rise, but I still cooked it on my car engine I call it Mazdah
    (Happy Passover)
  7. I've some bread dough in my pants.
    Wanna see if it rises?
  8. Why did the plane c**...? The pilot was a loaf of bread... But how did the plane take off?
    Yeast Rises

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Bread Rising One Liners

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  1. Bread is a lot like the sun.. It rises in the yeast and sets in the waist.
  2. Bread is like the Sun It rises in the yeast and sets in the waist
  3. Ever wondered why bread is just like the sun? It rises in the yeast and sets in the waist
  4. Bread is like Sun rises in yeast and sets in waist
  5. My girlfriend is like bread. It's easy to get a rise out of her.
  6. I've concluded that bread is better than Jesus. Bread only takes a few hours to rise.
  7. I started using kosher yeast in all my baking Now my bread rises 3 days later
  8. Why are bread jokes going to get more upvotes? Because they always make the rising page.
  9. Why is Jesus' body bread? Because given enough time it rises
  10. Have you ever eaten Jesus bread? It's good but it takes 3 days to rise.
  11. What do the sun and a loaf of bread have in common? They both rise in the yeast.
  12. Why don't Jews wait for their bread to rise? Because time is money.
  13. I don't like bread people... They're too easy to get a rise out of.
  14. Why did the necromancer pick up baking? He wanted to make the bread rise.
  15. What did the bailiff say at bread court? All rise!

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