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A woman goes into an art gallery and sees two still-life pictures. Both are of a table laid for lunch with a glass of wine, a basket of bread rolls and a plate of sliced ham. However, one picture is selling for $75 and the other for $100.

Curious, she goes to the gallery owner and asks him what the difference is between the two pictures. The owner points at the $100 painting and says, You get more ham with that one.

Jesus at the last supper

Jesus sits at the Last Supper, beginning to serve his guests.
First, he hands a basket of bread to go around, "These represent my body, and the pain I shall endure for my people."
Next, he begins pouring everyone wine, "This represents my blood, and how I am part of everyone."
He goes to open a jar of mayonnaise, Judas quickly takes it away from him, "Now I'm gonna have to stop you right there."

I just paid 300 dollars for a waiter to throw a steak across the restaurant into the bread basket on my table.

Kobe beef apparently.

In 30-ish AD, God gave people baskets after baskets of bread and fish...

In 2016 AD, the same God gives people a bread the size of a coin once a day.
Don't blame God, blame the economy.

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