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Best Short Brawl Jokes

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  1. Two drunk guys were about to get into a brawl. One of the guys grabs a stick and draws a line in the dirt and says "If you cross this line, I'll hit you in the face".
    That was the punchline.
  2. I got into a bar brawl with this huge man that tore my earlobes off. Now I'm ear-ring impaired.
  3. What happened when Caesar's government officials could not reach consensus? Irritable Brawls in Rome
  4. A guy from Finland gets involved in a brawl. He fights hard and defeats his opponent and says... "Don't ever start a fight you can't Finnish!"
  5. After closely watching the ufc brawl last night, I'm gonna go out on a limb and blame the referee. He stated it.
  6. "Hey Nerd, who brings a friggin book to a bar?!" *My eyes narrow as I close my worn copy of Advanced Techniques for Winning Bar Brawls*
  7. An i**... immigrant and a p**... got into a brawl.... In other words, it was alien vs predator
Brawl joke, An i**... immigrant and a p**... got into a brawl....

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Brawl One Liners

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  1. There was a brawl at the orchestra today. Lots of violin-ce
  2. What do you call a brawl between two gangs that can't hear? A team deafmatch
  3. Dan Schneider is the final boss of Nickelodeon All Star Brawl As Master Foot.
  4. How was the Dutch dairy farmer caught up in a brawl? He was gouda'd into it.
  5. How did I win a Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament? I met a knight
  6. What do you call a religious Super Smash Bros Brawl character? Menno knight
  7. What did the high Super Smash Bros. Brawl player say? Bro, I'm tripping.
  8. 2 and 8 got into a brawl with 4 and 6 It was an even fight
  9. A pencil and a statistician got into a brawl at the local bar Graphite.
  10. What is a video game characters favorite method of brawling? Hitboxing!
  11. What was J.K Brawling's first book? Fantastic Hands and Where To Catch Them
  12. What's a fight between two lawyers called? A bar brawl.

Brawl joke, What's a fight between two lawyers called?

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A cowboy walks into a saloon…

and orders himself a drink at the bar counter. Turning to the fellow sitting next to him, he slowly utters, Combat. Battle. Warfare. Skirmish. Brawl. Scuffle.
The other man slams his glass down on the counter, gets up out of his seat, turns to face the cowboy, and says, Hey, them's fightin' words!

Police report: Group of mimes and jesters arrested after brawl.

Police arrested a group of mimes and jesters for starting a fight.
After questioning the 2 gangs, the cops were convinced the jesters were just acting like fools. But the mimes have yet to make a statement.

Brawl joke, A guy from Finland gets involved in a brawl. He fights hard and defeats his opponent and says...

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