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  1. Just been challenged to a water fight by next door brat kids... Popped on here to check messages while the kettle boils.
  2. My wife and I really should get a divorce, but we're staying together because of our kids Neither of us want custody of those little brats...
  3. My little nephew wanted to share a joke he was very proud of coming up with: Why did the hotdog get grounded? It was being a brat!
  4. Today I launched a book aimed at 9-12 year olds... And I'm proud to say that I managed to hit one of the little brats!
  5. We all know that no matter how kind you are, a German child is kinder But let me tell you something, when they're being brats, they're the wurst!
  6. My son is so ungrateful I bought him a peanut butter chocolate chip cake for his birthday. He just grabbed his EpiPen and complained to me about it; selfish brat!
  7. I once babysat a sausage. It was really poorly behaved, though.
    A total *brat*.
    Just the *wurst*.
  8. "God, that kid is such a brat." One sausage said to another. "I dunno," said the other sausage, "I've mettwurst."
  9. Common ground among the German people What are the German people in agreement with when discussing over-entitled children and expired sausages?
    That Spoiled Brats are the Wurst
  10. What does a spoiled brat need to break a laptop in 1 minute? 1. Laptop
    2. One minute
    Real life story.

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  1. 1990 Grandpa: "Get off my lawn, you little brats!" 2048 Grandpa: "Get off my LAN faggots"
  2. What do you call a spoiled hot dog? A Brat.
  3. What does a cannibal bring to a barbecue? (OC) Brats!
  4. What do you call an expired sausage? A spoiled brat.
  5. Not be a brat, But German sausage jokes are the wurst.
  6. What do they call Peppa Pig in Germany? *Brat*wurst.
  7. Why did the kids get in trouble for eating the sausages? They were brats
  8. I had a brat for lunch today. It was the wurst.
  9. What did the brat say about his ex-girlfriend? She was the wurst.
  10. what's the most hilarious thing a spoiled brat might say? No I'm not
  11. My daughter lost her first tooth today! That'll teach that little brat.
  12. What do you call a spoiled sausage? A brat-wurst.
  13. I like hotdogs more than brats Brats are just the wurst!
  14. What did the German brat say to his father? You're the wurst!
  15. I hate brats They're the wurst

Brats joke, I hate brats

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My recipe for v**...-flavoured brats never caught on.

It was the Absolut wurst.

You know one the main reasons Jeffrey d**... got caught was because his freezer stopped working and the smell became so bad the neighbors were complaining.

The cops came to his door and said "We heard you were keeping a bunch of spoiled brats in here"

4th of July picnic

A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. "How was your 4th of July picnic?" the bartender asks. "Horrible. Everyone came down with food poisoning," the guy replies. "I knew the hot dogs might have gone bad, but turns out the brats were the wurst."

Did you hear about the chain of German restaurants opening up this year?

They're going to be serving Sausages, Brats, Anne Franks.

Brats joke, I hate brats

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