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Funniest Bran Short Jokes

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  1. My buddy just got a job in marketing with Kellogg's cereals... I guess you could say his job is raisin Bran awareness.
  2. Why is Bran unable to walk? Because he didn't make a kings landing.
    sigh! ... I will see myself out.
  3. [Game of Thrones Spoiler ALL BOOKS Fan Theory] Benjen, Bran, Daario, Euron, Syrio, Jaqen, and Coldhands walk into a restaurant.. and say: "Table for one, please."
  4. Why did House Stark shut down the northernmost cereal factory in the Seven Kingdoms? Cuz they were bad at Raisin' Bran
  5. What does Kellogg's have in common with Ned and Catelyn Stark? They're both responsible for Raisin' Bran.
  6. What is Bran Stark's least favorite music band? Third Eye Blind. ^^I'll ^^show ^^myself ^^out
  7. So I was trying to convince my friend to try Raisin Bran cereal He told me there were flaws in my raisining
  8. Our doctor's office painted their examination rooms the color 'Bran Muffin'. They hope to keep our attendance more regular.
  9. Why did Kellogg's marking group team up with HBO before the release of the final season of Game of Thrones? They're Raisin Bran awareness.
  10. What's the definition of pessimism? Someone who puts prunes in their All Bran

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Bran One Liners

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  1. What does Hodor start off his day with? Raisin' Bran.
  2. Which game of thrones character doesn't stink ? Bran
    He is Hodorless
  3. What is Hodor's favorite cereal? Raisin Bran.
  4. How did Eddard Stark get his daily recommended amount of fiber? Raisin' Bran.
  5. I just made a bran cereal with edibles in it High 'n Fibre
  6. I think Bran might actually know how to walk and is just faking it. He's always lying.
  7. What's Ned Stark's favorite cereal? Raisin Bran
  8. What's Hodor's job? Raisin Bran
  9. Which character in Game of thrones has a healthy digestive system Bran
  10. How would you describe Bran from GoT in three words? Stark raven mad.
  11. If Bran dies and a white walker brings him back... Is he Raisin Bran?
  12. What was Maester Luwin's favorite cereal? Raisin Bran
  13. What do you get when you dry out a Stark? Raisin Bran
  14. What do you call a bunch of black kids playing in leaves? Raisin bran
  15. What is the first step to make Raisin Bran? Raisin' Bran

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  • What do you call a man who repeatedly stabs his raisin bran on a daily basis? A cereal killer
Bran joke, What do you call a man who repeatedly stabs his raisin bran on a daily basis?

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What brand of v**... does a Canadian drink?

Grey Moose

What's the only branch of the government that actually listens to its people?


How does Bran Stark get into a w**...?


Which brand of popcorn does Darth Vader buy?

Pop Secret

Which brand of pen does h**... and Napolean like to use?


What brand of potato chip do Matadors prefer?

"Oh Lays"

What brand of car would the Roadrunner be?

Jeep Jeep

What branch of the military did the hipster join?

The Salvation Army.

What brand of pen does Lance Armstrong use?


Why are branches attached to trees?

Because they stick

To what branch of the military to babies belong?

The infantry.

If brand slogans were honest...

Hallmark: When you care enough to give a card mass-produced by 
a corporation.
Ritz crackers: Tiny, edible plates.
CliffsNotes: They're still going to know you didn't read the book.
Gillette: We're just going to keep adding blades.
ChapStick: You'll misplace it before the tube's empty.
Hot Pockets: Every bite is a different temperature.

How did Brandon Lee's wife get pregnant?

The prop guy said he was shooting blanks!

What brand of shoes does a paranoid person wear?


What brand of underwear did Jesus wear?

Fruit of the w**...

Brangelina is no more.

And it's really sad to see that Brad Pitt is now just 'Br' while Angelina Jolie gets her whole forename back.

What branch of the military are horses in?

The NaaaaayyyVY

I came up with a brand new word for this sub!


Am I able to think up of a brand new color...

...or will it just be a pigment of my imagination?

Why the different branches of the military can't work together:

The reason why the services don't get along? They don't speak the same language. For example, if you tell a soldier to "Secure the building." he's going to set up claymores and machine gun nests with interlocking fields of fire. If you tell a Marine to "Secure the building." he's going to pie every room with his rifle in his hands and his Ka-bar on his waist. If you tell a sailor to "Secure the building." he's going to lock all the doors and windows and put all the sensitive documents in a furnace. If you tell an airman to "Secure the building." he's going to sign a lease agreement with an option to purchase.

There's a brand new cemetery in town

Everybody is dying to get in

What brand of plastic wrap do they use in North Africa?

Saharan Wrap

What are the three branches of the government?

Military, Corporate, and Hollywood

Do you know what brand of glasses president Putin wears?


What brand of Headphones does an abusive father give to his child on his birthday every year

Beats by Dad

There is a new brand of vegan dog food.

It's made with 100% real vegans.

What brand of car do vikings drive?


What brand of shoes do normies wear?


What brand of shoes do neckbeards wear?


Dicken's Brand Cider

My wife just can't go to sleep without a warm Dicken's Cider.

What brand of computer is best for music production?

A Dell.

People complain about Game of Thrones having a lot of i**......

...but Bran could have broken his arms instead of his legs

What brand of chips both satisfy your hunger and keep your feet warm?


What branch of the military is most superior at hand-to-hand combat?

The Arm-y

What brand of hairdryer does Nicholas Cage use?


There Should Be A Brand Of Peanut Butter For Connoisseurs With Discerning Tastes

I'd call it... Peanut Noir.

What brand of boxers does the sun wear?

Kelvin Klein

What brand of power tools does chris brown use?

Black and Deck Her

What should name brand Naloxone be called instead of Narcan?


What brand of cider gets you pregnant?


What brand of chocolate is popular with German priests?


What brand of underwear do thermometers wear?

Kelvin Klein

How many Branch Davidians does it take to start a fire?


What brand of clothing do pirates prefer?

Fruit of Doubloon.

A brand new car is being launched in Portugal, which includes space in the boot for a child.

It's called the Renault McCann

What brand of medicine sponsored a boxer?

Muhammad Aleve

I got a brand new Tesla for my wife.

Pretty decent trade, if you ask me.

A brand new hubcap makes the best plate for eggs Benedict.

Because there's no plate like chrome for the hollandaise.

I got a brand new Tesla for my partner

Pretty decent trade, if you as me.

Each branch has a military ball (Navy Ball, Army Ball, etc.)

And it warms my heart to know that one branch will be having "Space b**..." from here on out.

Which brand of cars can you buy without going over budget?

A Ford!

What brand of camera a fanfiction writer owns?

A Canon Camera

Thats my Boy

Teacher asked his students to make rhymes with their names
Bran :
my name is brand
When I grow up to be a man
I want to go to Russia and Japan
If I can , if I can, if I can
Jady :
My name is Jady
When I grow up to be a lady
I want to have a baby
If I can, if I can , if I can
Dan :
My name is dan
When I grow up to be a man
To h**... with Russia and Japan
I am going to help Jady with her plan
I know I can , I know I can

What's the best brand of computer for playing pop music?

A Dell

Brand new Grandson

My brand new baby Grandson's cord fell off today. Mom says he's officially wireless!

Which branch of the military accepts toddlers?

The infantry.

what brand soup makes you snore when you sleep?

Its knorr

Bran joke, what brand soup makes you snore when you sleep?

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