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  1. How many snowboarders does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Only 3: One to screw it in, another to film it, and a last one to say "sick turns brah!"
  2. I just learned how to read Braille I was always unsure, is it Bray-eel-ay ? Maybe it's Brah-el ?
    I just found out earlier it's Brale
    The more you know...
  3. Marine biology I was going to study marine biology dude. Turns out it was just a lot of maths.
    Really dude? What course?
    Algae brah.
  4. What does a bro say when asked if he needs help doing a magic trick? Nah brah, tadah brah!
  5. So, we all know that teeth can get calculus... ... but did you know that ponds can get algae, brah?
  6. What did Harry Potter say when he came back to life? Arbra-Ka-Nah-Brah
  7. Why did the fraternity bring calculators to their bio exam? Algae-Brah!
  8. What did the Asian man think when his hot blind date was talking? Brah Brah me boobies!
  9. What do college fish study? Algae brah... I know it s**... but it was the only joke I've ever come up with!
  10. To make it stand, I have to wet it. To make it wet, I have to s**... it. To make it stiff, I have lick it and to get it in, I have to push it... Brah, threading a needle isn't as easy as it looks!

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Brah One Liners

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  1. What do you call a man who supports women's sports? A sports brah
  2. What do you call a man who you are not sure will become your friend? A training brah.
  3. What do you call a dude who's learning to ride the waves? A training brah.
  4. How does a bro spell a striped horse? With a "Z" brah.
  5. Push-up Brah Awkward when you call your gym buddy that.
  6. Did you meet the Astronomy major in our frat? His name was Tycho, Brah
  7. What do you call a candelabra that refuses to hold candles? A candle-nah-brah
  8. Where do you find a Zebra?
    25 letters after A-Brah.
  9. What letter has black and white stripes? Z, Brah!
  10. What did the gym guy say to his unfit bro with manboobs? You can do a push up brah!
  11. What's the most math-based plant? Algae, brah.
  12. What's the best Brokemon? Ayyyyyyy, brah.
  13. Lumiere helped Belle fall in love with the Beast. He was a real Candle Brah.
  14. Who is the classical painter most loved by BODYBUILDERS? Gains brah!
  15. Who's the Coolest Mathematical Vice President? Al G, brah

Brah joke, Who's the Coolest Mathematical Vice President?

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Bench Bros...

Two guys are in the gym working on their bench pressing when a b**... coed comes up to the rack next to them and begins to do her workout. o**... turns to his spotter and says "hey you think that's a push up bra?" And his spotter says "nah brah, that's a squat"

Two pieces of underwear are hanging on display in a l**... shop. One turns to the other and says:

"I love you brah."

Brah joke, Lumiere helped Belle fall in love with the Beast.

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