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Best Short Bowls Jokes

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  1. These bowling Green Massacre jokes are too soon Out of respect, we should at least wait until it takes place.
  2. I think the most patriotic part of the entire super bowl was Rihanna's halftime performance Because there's nothing more American than for a woman to work while she's pregnant.
  3. How to determine the gender of your cat ? pour some milk in a bowl and place it next to the cat, if she drinks it, your cat is a female, but if he drinks it, the cat is a male
  4. My wife asked me: "Shall we go bowling or stay cozy home." I replied: " I am sick of putting my fingers in holes that everyone has touched with their sweaty hands. Let's go bowling!"
  5. After winning the game, I threw the ball into the crowd just like they do on TV. Apparently that's unacceptable in bowling.
  6. What is Chipotle most known for? - A. steak Bowls
    - B. Delicious Tacos
    - C. Chips
    - D. Burritos
    - E. Coli
  7. I think my goldfish likes it when I take him out of his bowl… He sure wags his tail a lot…
  8. My wife walks into the kitchen Me: it sure is muggy outside
    Wife: if you put all the mugs on the porch I'm leaving you
    *Sips coffee out of bowl*
  9. What's the difference between my ex and a bowl of spaghetti? Spaghetti wiggles when I eat it.
  10. It was my son's birthday, so I took 4 of his mates for a burger and then bowling. They had a great time, he would have loved it

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Bowls One Liners

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  1. Super Bowl Halftime At halftime it's Maroon 5 Patriots 3 Rams 0
  2. What do you call fifty guys watching the Super Bowl? The Detroit Lions.
  3. What did everyone do after the Super Bowl was over? Watch the second half.
  4. What does a vegetable get in bowling? A-spare-I-guess
  5. One bird can't finish an entire bowl of Fruit Loops... ...but Toucan.
  6. My wife asked my if I had seen the dog bowl. I said "I didn't know he could!".
  7. Why is Michael Jackson bad at bowling? Because He's dead.
  8. The Minnesota Vikings walk into a bar To watch the Super Bowl
  9. I already know what the score will be in the Super Bowl before the game even starts. 0-0
  10. This was the most Superbowlly Super Bowl ever *Super Bowl LI
  11. Q: What do Cowboys fans do after they win the Super Bowl? A: Turn off the XBox.
  12. What did Voldemort say to Peter Pettigrew when they went bowling? *Kill the spare.*
  13. Anyone see 50 cent perform at the Super Bowl? Inflation is real
  14. If you missed the ball drop last night.... Just watch FSU in the Rose Bowl
  15. I ate 4 bowls of delicious alphabet soup. After that I had a massive vowel movement.

Green Bowls Jokes

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  • What do you call those dead pieces of green stuff left in the bottom of a bowl of Caesar salad? The last romaines. Now lettuce pray for them.
  • In honor of the Bowling Green Massacre, wear a green ribbon . . . . . . or, perhaps more appropriately, some color you made up in your head.
  • Did you hear about the Bowling Green Massacre? No?
    Neither did the victims.
  • One shudders to think how much worse the Bowling Green Massacre would have been... ... If it weren't for the heroic intervention by Frederick Douglass.
  • Whats green and gets smoked in bowls? Notre Dame
  • Cage the Elephant only won the Grammy out of pity... ...because they're originally from Bowling Green, and everyone was sorry for the loved ones they lost.
  • How do you make a winning dish? Mix some Greens and Curry and serve in a Klay bowl!
  • It's not that the Massacre at Bowling Green didn't happen... It was just an alternative event.
  • Did you guys hear about the Bowling Green Massacre? On 9/3/16 they lost to The Ohio State 77-10
  • What does Michigan State football and m**... have in common? They are both green and get smoked in bowls!

After Dinner Bowls Jokes

Here is a list of funny after dinner bowls jokes and even better after dinner bowls puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Last night for dinner I ate 4 bowls of alphabet soup This morning I had a crazy vowel movement
  • What do Ethiopians get for Dinner A bowl o'
Bowls joke, What do Ethiopians get for Dinner

Cheerful Fun Bowls Jokes for Lovely Laughter

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I ate four bowls of Alphabet Soup...

Then I had a massive vowel movement

Chore time at the house. My daughter was freaking out at the sight of the plates, cups, bowls, et cetera stacked in the sink. I looked at her reassuringly and told her…

Dishes not the time to panic.

Ate 3 bowls of alphabet soup earlier...

Just took the biggest vowel movement.

An old man sets up three beds in his room...

and lays out three chairs. One day, a friend comes over and the old man serves three bowls of porridge.
The friend asks "Why do you have all this random stuff in your room?"
and the old man replies "Well, it worked for the 3 bears!"

Why does Peyton Manning eat his soup in cups?

Because he's always losing the bowls.
^This ^used ^to ^be ^an ^Elway ^joke

Why have they started putting pictures of politicians inside toilet bowls?

So the a**... can see who they voted for.

I'm posing n**... for an art class this evening.

Nobody asked me to.
>!I think they're making ceramic bowls.!<

Congratulations to Tom Brady, the first player to be undefeated over 5+ Super Bowls.

He's won all 5/7.

For a second consecutive year a team competing in the Super Bowl has home field advantage.

To ensure this doesn't happen again, all subsequent Super Bowls will be held in Dallas, Texas.

I went to Hawaii with my dad to get a taste of their traditional culture. They set out two bowls of their famous delicacy. When I couldnt choose which one to grab, my dad said,

"Pick your poi, son"

Congrats to the Patriots on their 7th ring,

Super Bowls XXXVI (2001), XXXVIII (2003), XXXIX (2004), XLIX (2014), LI (2016), LIII (2018), Prostitution Ring (2019)!

Just ate two bowls of alphabet soup.

I can already feel a vowel movement coming.

Why have the Patriots won so many Super Bowls?

Because the owner really likes a happy ending.

Roses are red violets are blue

Roses are red and Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet and so are you
But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead
The sugar bowls empty and so is your head

Goldilocks gets lost wandering in the woods and happens upon the three bears' house

She walks in and sees a table with three bowls of porridge and three bottles of liquor. She's hungry so she eats the big bowl of porridge. She's thirsty so she drinks the medium bottle of liquor. She gets tired so she goes to sleep in the little bed. The bears get back home and the big bear exclaims: "Hey someone ate my porridge!" To which the medium bear responds: "Who cares about your porridge - someone drank my liquor!" The little bear turns to the two and says calmly: "Let's all just relax and call it a day."

What kind of vegetable never bowls a strike?


I had 3 bowls of alphabet soup one morning.

I had the biggest vowel movement ever.

A: How criminal are you?

B: you know those candy bowls on halloween, where you are only allowed to take one...?
A: Uh yes??
B: I killed someone

Shouldn't we call cup ramen noodles "sodium bowls" now?


A Good Dieting Trick

A good dieting trick is to use small silverware, and small plates and bowls.
This will trick your body into thinking it's a small person, thus making you shrink in size.

Chinese takeout

My wife has been angry at me all night for bringing her six bowls of soup back from the local Chinese restaurant.
I don't know what her deal is, she very clearly asked for wanton soup.

Bowls joke, Chinese takeout

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