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  1. I ask my wife the same thing everytime I knock down 10 pins in one roll at a bowling alley. "How's that strike ya?"
  2. I'm starting a business that is half bowling alley and half safe injection site. It's going to be called "Pins & Needles".
  3. What's the Chinese minister for bowling sport's name? Bo Ling
    What's the Korean minister for bowling sport's name?
    Bo Ling-Pin.
  4. I told my wife that I'd gotten a new job at the bowling alley She said ten pin?
    I said no it's permanent!

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Bowling Pin One Liners

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  1. Why did the bowling pins stop working? They went on strike!
  2. What do you call an African who plays 10 pin bowling online? Ebola.
  3. Which sport is the quietest? Bowling. You can hear a pin drop.
  4. Just started work at a bowling alley. It's not a career it's Ten pin

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After facing down the sadistic bowling ball who just finished killing his entire family, the last remaining bowling pin had one final, desperate plea as the ball menacingly approached him...

"Spare me."

I got kicked off my bowling team the other day

I managed to knock all the pins down on my first two turns. Then on my third turn I did it again and the leader of the team turned to me and said "Sorry, you're going to have to leave the team".
Apparently they have a three strike policy.

I got a flat tire recently...

I was lucky enough to have spotted it before I was able to drive off to my local bowling alley. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have any extra tires on me, nor was I willing to go to my local auto shop and get one.
Fortunately, I did have the bowling ball and 10 pins I was planning on bringing with me, so all I had to do was knock down 9 pins with the bowling ball, and then knock down the last one to get a spare.

Irish SAS

The Irish SAS were dropped into Russia last week with orders to take Vladimir Putin out……
So far…. news reports say …… he's been to the cinema twice……… and last night they went Ten Pin Bowling…..!

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