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  1. A video of a groundbreaking bowler goes viral He still had to pay to fix the bowling lane though
  2. The magician then performed a hat trick. Nobody had expected him to be that great a bowler though.
  3. If you're a bowler, I don't need to hear about your problems Because I have already walked in your shoes
  4. There is no greater embarrassment in life.... Than telling your parents that you want to be a Professional Bowler.
  5. William Tell and his family used to be league bowlers... but now that the records have been lost, it is difficult to determine for whom the Tells bowled.
  6. I like to tell people I have the body of a professional athlete I'm not lying, but they are usually quick to point out it is the body of a professional bowler.
  7. Did you hear the one about Phillip Hughes? He was the first Australian to die of a bowler.
  8. Why should you never ask an african to give you a hat for your birthday? He'll give you "a bowler"
  9. a bowler hat on a donkey Do you know, why it's not recommended to put a bowler hat on a donkey?
    Because no one likes a smartass...

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Bowler One Liners

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  1. Why did the bowler bring two pairs of pants? He wanted a spare in case he had a split.
  2. I try not to associate myself with bowlers They're all a bunch of pinheads
  3. BREAKING: Professional Bowlers go on Strike. Let's spare them our thoughts.
  4. Did you hear about the professional bowler from Africa? Ebola perfect game!
  5. Why are the French world-class bowlers? They get strikes all the time.
  6. Why are cricket bowlers good with women? Every now and then, they bowl a maiden over
  7. What Do you Call a Bowler that drops his ball a lot? Gutterfingers!
  8. What do you call it when a professional bowler hits his wife? A strike.
  9. Why are victorian-era rich people always sick? Because they wear e-bowler hats
  10. What's an African's least favourite hat? A bowler
  11. What do you call a West African cricketer? He Bowler
  12. I guess Phillip Hughes was the first Aussie To die of a bowler.
    Badum Tiss.
  13. What do you call a cricket bowler on the internet? Ebola
    I'm sorry.
  14. An Australian man is a professional online bowler... Ebola.
  15. What kind of hat does an African man wear? An e-Bowler Hat

Bowler joke, What kind of hat does an African man wear?

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A man sitting on a bench...

is watching two of his fellow asylum patients playing cricket. The batsman has no bat and the bowler has no ball. The man on the bench looks very upset at the two "playing" cricket. A nurse walks up to him and asks, "What's wrong, sir? Do you want to play cricket with the others?" The man replies, "NO! But you will see who is mad and who is crazy in here if that ball hits me!"

I'm a pro bowler now, But I wasn't always so good.

Back when I first started, I could never get a strike, and always had to clean up with a second throw. I only got better because I had a lot of spare time.

Bowler joke, I like to tell people I have the body of a professional athlete

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