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Just saw a guy with a bowl-cut mullet

Or as I like to call it "School shooter in the front, abortion clinic shooter in the back." - Corey Forrester

Trump gets back from an official visit to Germany, and starts tweeting

"Just got back from Germany, but couldn't meet with Chancellor Merkel- SAD! Had to meet with his UGLY secretary, who's got a bowl cut and is barely a 3 at best."

A priest went into the country to pay a visit to a 92 year old church member whom he had not seen for many years...

She welcomed him into her home. While she made tea, he looked around and saw a beautiful oak o**... with a cut glass bowl sitting on top of it. The bowl was half filled with water and a c**... was floating on top of it. Astonished and shocked, he quickly turned away. But after tea, curiosity got the best of him and he asked her about it.
"Oh, yes," she said enthusiastically. "While in town last year I found a package on the sidewalk. The directions on the back said 'keep wet and put on your o**... to prevent disease.' And you know, I think it works. I haven't
had a cold all winter!"

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