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  1. I felt like a fool when I bought David Bowie tickets for my son and then remembered that he died last year... Even more so when I remembered that David Bowie died too.
  2. I ground up my ctrl key and gift wrapped it. The card reads: This is ground ctrl.
    TO: Major Tom

    (Merry Christmas David Bowie!)
  3. What did Alan Rickman say when he stood over David Bowie's grave? Do you mind if I Slytherin?
  4. What does David Bowie do after he gets out of the swimming pool? He ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. (Sorry if repost)
  5. Do you think David Bowie just had one set of clothes when he performed? Or do you think he had several different ch-ch-ch-changes?
  6. What is the difference between David Bowie and feminists? David Bowie has made Ch-Ch-Changes
  7. Took my Bowie knife to the blacksmith to get sharpened, when he saw it he said he hadn't seen one in while... ...I could tell he was really excited because he got a huge honer.
  8. Doctors advice My doctor told me that going commando was healthy, but I got 20years in jail instead. Somehow I think killing my infant brother with my dads bowie knife was'nt what he meant.
  9. I once saw David Bowie put twenty dollars worth of gas in his car for a trip to the bar with his wife... ...It was enough to drive Iman to drink!
  10. David Bowie and Freddie Mercury were on a road trip When one of their tyres blew out.
    Turns out it was under pressured.

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Bowie joke, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury were on a road trip

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  1. What does David Bowie do after the gym? Ch ch ch ch changes
  2. Why was David Bowie good at test taking? Because he could write Under Pressure!
  3. What does David Bowie call his OpenDocument files? space.odt
  4. What did David Bowie want for Christmas? Carrie Fisher.
  5. What is David Bowie's favourite energy drink? Redbull Redbull
  6. What do you get when you mix Stanley Kubrik and David Bowie? 2001: A space oddity.
  7. Which kind of sandwich does David Bowie prefer? Heroes.
  8. Dyslexic David Bowie's Classic Hit Single: Life on Arms?
  9. People we lost in 2016: Carrie Fisher
    David Bowie
    Ronda Rousey
  10. What were Jim Bowie's last words? What are all those roofers doing out there?
  11. Why can't David Bowie clap his hands? Because he's dead.
  12. David Bowie and Tom Petty have one thing in common ....but they don't talk much about it.
  13. what do you call a bow that can sing a david bowie
  14. What are Gene Wilder and David Bowie getting for Christmas this year? Betty White.
  15. What do Alan Rickman and David Bowie have in common? They have both died recently.

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  • If diamonds are a girl's best friend, and dogs are man's best friend... ...then David Bowie is everyone's best friend.
  • David Bowie once fell in love with a beautiful Asian girl named Jessica Chang He wrote a song about it.
    "Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Chang Jess!"
  • Some of you might have heard, but David Bowie beat his cancer I guess that the cancer died too.
  • The curse of being 69 years old. David Bowie was 69 years old.
    Alan Rickman was 69 years old.
    Donald Trump is 69 years old.
    Coincidence? I think not!
  • My favorite underground musician is David Bowie 6 feet, to be exact
  • David Bowie was found in a three foot coffin. The coroner said it was a space oddity.
  • What comes after 69? Neither Alan Rickman nor David Bowie
  • Did you hear how David Bowie died? Yeah. He was stabbed.
    With a Bowie knife.... (Badumm tsss...)
  • What is the Hamburglar's favorite David Bowie song? Rebel Rebel
  • What does David Bowie get at the supermarket? Can-cer

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  • What m**... weapon was used to kill Major Tom? A bowie knife.
Bowie joke, What m**... weapon was used to kill Major Tom?

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Chris Cornell dies and goes to heaven…

St. Peter: It is probably a bit disorienting, but there are a lot of people here you will want to meet.
Chris: Like who?
St. Peter: Well, right over there are Janis, Jimi, Kurt, Prince, and David Bowie for starters.
Chris: Oh no, is that Bono over there with them? I didn't know that Bono was dead.
St. Peter: No, no, that's not Bono, that's god, he just thinks he's Bono.

My coworker complained about our David Bowie tribute music recently...

...he complained that after Lemmy's death we didn't have any tribute music. I pointed out that would be slightly inappropriate, as Lemmy wrote about taking drugs and blacking out, whilst David Bowie wrote whilst taking drugs and blacking out.

David Bowie said he was s**... when watching 2001: A Space Odyssey, which inspired his hit song Space Oddity. How high was he though?

Far above the moon.

Inside the Alamo, Davy Crockett got up from his cot, walked across the dusty dirt floor to the ladder, and climbed to the roof. There, he found Sam Houston and Jim Bowie staring off in the distance... over the hills rode straight toward them a thousand Mexicans. Davy thought for a moment and then said, "Guys...are we laying concrete today?"

Bowie joke, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury were on a road trip

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