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  1. ...not racist, bott! * **Q:** why do black robots have white hand palms?
    * **A:** Because they're on the ground when being sprayed!

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Bott joke, ...not racist, bott!

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Bott joke, ...not racist, bott!

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What has bottom on the top?


A bottle of v**... and a bottle of Coca-cola (Russian Joke)

A man comes to the shop:
- Give me a bottle of v**... and a bottle of Coca-cola.
Half an hour later he comes again:
- Give me a bottle of v**... and a bottle of Coca-cola.
An hour later he comes again:
- Give me a bottle of v**... and a bottle of... of Sprite. It seems Coca-cola makes me sick!

What did the bottle of milk say to the Mexican?

Soy milk.

A bottle of food coloring jumped off a building...

It dyed.

How did the bottle of whiskey laugh?


Why is the bottom of the ocean so dark?

Black people can't swim.

What has a bottom at its top?

My life ( ._.)

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me

Than a frontal lobotomy.

I got a bottle of scotch for my wife...

...that's not a bad trade.

I could see every bottle of ketchup in the restaurant.

Heinz sight is 20/20.

Why was the bottle laying down?

someone flipped it.

What did the bottle of red hair dye say?

Irish need not apply

The bottle said to apply liberally

So I b**... and complained the whole time I used it.

A bottle of Cillit bang leaked all over my bookshelf yesterday...

And now I can't find my copy of Motley Crue's autobiography.

Two bottles of v**... walk into an adoption agency...

The adoption agent looks at them and says "Sorry, we don't serve minors to alcohol."

I rather have a bottle of soda for President than Donald Trump.

This way, we could truly have a Liter of the Free World.

A bottle of Heineken walks into a restaurant

The waiter said "I'm sorry but we don't serve alcohol."

What happens when a bottle of water walks into a bar on a hot day?

It gets drunk.

A bottle of Scotch

An old Scotsman is lying on his deathbed, and he gasped out one last request. He says to his friend who's at his bedside:"Remember that fine old bottle of Scotch me father bought on the day I was born, that I've saved all these many years?". His friend shakes his head "yes". The old man says:"Would ya do me a great favor, and pour it over me grave when I'm gone?". His friend replies:"Surely lad, but do ya mind if I strain it through me kidneys first?".

Why did the bottle of ranch scream when the fridge door opened?

He was dressing.

What has a bottom on its top?

A gay guy's mattress.

Why does bottled water cost more than coke?

It costs more energy to filter out the coke

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me

than be shot by an unknown assailant.

A bottle washes onto the shore on a deserted island...

*opens bottle*
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Three bottoms are sitting at a bar.

The first says, I'm so loose my boyfriend can fit his whole hand inside me.
The second says that's nothing. My boyfriend can fit his whole arm inside me!
The third laughs, and the bar stool disappears.

Three bottoms sit in a bar...

The first says, "I'm so loose, my partner can put their fist in me."
The second laughs and says, "That's nothing. I'm so loose that my partner can put their arm in me."
The third laughs and the barstool disappears.

Why was the bottle of ink so depressed?

Because his dad was in the pen.. and he didn't know how long his sentence would be.

The bottle of ketchup slipped from my hands yesterday.

This event caused a huge pain to ma toes.

What did the bottle of wine say to the grape?

It was great raisin you.

There's a bottle full of methanol in a chemistry lab...

...there's a note attached to it: "don't drink it, or else you will go blind."
The next day, the bottle is half empty and someone added to the note: "I will risk one eye."

Bottled beer is uncanny.

Why is a bottle opened after winning something?

Because it's champ-agne.

Am I doing it?

Bottom text

Bottled Smart Water Can't be that smart!

I mean it got caught.

What do you do when you are at the bottom of the robe and things are happening to fast?

You use belay tactics

How does a bottle of glue named Ed answer the phone?

Ed here

A bottle of beer enters a law-abiding bar during the prohibition era.

The bartender says: "We don't serve your kind here."

Why did the bottle say "Haaaaay"

It was full of wine.
(A very insightful joke from my five-year-old)

What has a bottom on the top ?

Your legs.

Why did I down a whole bottle of laxatives at a comedy show last night?

For s**... and giggles

What is at the bottom of the Bermuda triangle?

A wreck tangle

What has two bottoms and kills people?

An assassin

Bott joke, What has two bottoms and kills people?

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