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  1. Sexism is everywhere, even in botany To this day, there is still a stigma attached to female plants
  2. What's the best way to identify a dogwood tree? By its bark
    P.S. Sorry if this is a repost, but I haven't seen it here recently and I just heard it today from my botany professor.
  3. One of the truly awful classes in school is botany It really weeds out the people who should be there and who shouldn't be
  4. I know someone who faked his degree in botany. He wrote his thesis on artificial Christmas trees.
  5. I was going to give my friend books of jokes on the anatomy of plants But I haven't botany yet
  6. I Finally Chose a College Major... Me: Dad, I think I want to go to college for botany.
    Dad: Are you sure? What made you interested in that?
    Me: Well it is a growing field.
  7. Did you hear about the obscenely hard gardening class required for botany majors? It was said to be a w**... out class

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  1. You can't plant flowers... ...if you haven't botany.
  2. I am getting around to writing my essay on herbs for my botany class... It's about thyme
  3. I would give you flowers... But I haven't botany.
  4. I would have really liked to study plants in college... but my university hadn't botany.
  5. The plant went home one night without groceries It was because it never botany.
  6. Botany Botany good plants lately?
  7. Why was h**...'s favorite subject botany? Because botany is all about the germination.

Botany joke, Why was h**...'s favorite subject botany?

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A couple are discussing starting a garden

"You know, I really love the roses and chrysanthemums," remarked the wife. "Maybe I'll start by planting those."
"Oh sure, why not," replied the husband. "Hey, let's start doing that now! It's a beautiful Saturday morning and we don't have anything else to do."
"Alright, let me just run to the store really quick then," said the wife. "You see, I haven't actually botany yet."

As the first fleet rounded the headlands and sailed into Botany bay the local Aborigines could see several men looking towards them through big fancy telescopes. One of the Aborigines comments "s**... white man,

can't even play the didgeridoo".

Boll weevils are detrimental to cotton crops. If you had to have boll weevils on your farm, which do you want, a big weevil or a little weevil?

The little weevil, because you always want the *lesser of two weevils.*

My botany professor just told us this.

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