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  1. Warning: Police are on the lookout for an overweight man who did not pay his entrance fee to the Boston Marathon. He is believed to be still on the run
  2. I saw some horrible comedian making jokes about the Boston Marathon... Some lines must not be crossed.

    (Source: Anthony Jeselnik I think)
  3. A guy told me this one in class today.... What do you call 2 White Russians and a Jager bomb?
    A Boston Marathon.
  4. I was thinking about sharing a joke about the Boston Marathon Bombings But there are just some lines that should not be crossed
  5. There is a line in comedy that you should not cross and that line starts at the Boston Marathon.
  6. I watch the Boston Marathon every year with my best friend. This year his girlfriend decided to join us, but she just couldn't understand why we were laughing. It was a running joke.
  7. Chuck Norris walked his version of a 40-yard dash in 5.6 seconds; he was later told it was the Boston Marathon.
  8. Why do Kenyans win the Boston Marathon every year? I don't know, but I think it's a race thing.
  9. So the Boston marathon was yesterday... I heard it was an arm and a leg better than last year!
  10. I heard the Boston Marathon wasn't very good this year... No one really blew away the competition.

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  1. Q: What has 2 arms, 3 legs, and 4 feet?
    A: The finish line at the Boston Marathon.
  2. What does the winner of the Boston Marathon lose? His breath.
  3. Friend ran in the Boston Marathon, He said he had a blast but can't feel his legs.
  4. Congratulations to all the runners in the Boston Marathon. You survived
  5. If you run the Boston marathon and do bad, you really shouldn't say you bombed it
  6. What has 3 legs, 5 arms, 3 ears and 7 eyes ? The finish line of the Boston Marathon.
  7. What do a Boston Marathon runner and Jesus have in common? Nails in their hands and feet
  8. I didn't have fun at the Boston Marathon this year ... back in 2013 it was a blast.
  9. Whats long and hard and covered in blood? The Boston Marathon.
  10. Chuck Norris won the Boston marathon in New York.
  11. The Boston Marathon It's always a BLAST to participate in
  12. What did Obama say when he first heard of the Boston Marathon bomber? Aw, bummer.
  13. My black friend was told he couldn't run in the boston marathon Bunch of racists.
  14. Did you hear about the Boston Marathon? It was a blast
  15. What do you call a Paraplegic runner? A Boston Marathon Victim.

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What's the difference between h**... and the Boston marathon bomber?

The bomber actually stopped a race

What was the most anti-racist act ever?

The Boston Marathon b**....

CBostonC CMarathonC

Don't look at me like I'm the first person to add C4 to the Boston Marathon.

Did anyone hear about the marathon in Boston? It shocked me.

I didn't know that Americans could run.

I heard that...

the Boston marathon bomb af.

A Boston Marathon runner was asked about his experience.

He said it was a blast.

Why does everyone keep saying the Boston Marathon was a tragedy?

I heard everybody had a blast.

What's the difference between the holocaust and the Boston Marathon b**...?

The Boston Marathon b**... ended a race.

Why were the Boston Marathon Bombings worse than h**...? (OFFENSIVE)

Because they actually managed to end a race.

What do h**... and a boston marathon runner have in common

The inability to finish a race

I heard they were going to ask...

...a mother superior to fire the p**... at the next Boston Marathon, but that idea was shot down pretty quickly. So...kind of a nun starter.

What did the Boston Marathon Bomber achieve that h**... couldn't?

The Marathon Bomber was able to end an entire race.

What could the Boston Marathon b**... do that h**... couldn't?

End a race.

What did the boston marathon b**... accomplish that h**... could not?

They ended a race...

What did 5000 Boston Marathon runners do that h**... didn't?

They finished a race.

A r**... h**... joke

What did the Boston Marathon b**... do that h**... couldn't?
End a race.

Bragging Doctors

Doc 1 bragged, "I had a patient once who blew out his ACL & MCL. I reconstructed his knee, and 2 years later he completed the Boston marathon."
Doc 2 replied, "That's nothing! I had a patient who was in a head-on collision with a truck. I reconstructed virtually all of his joints and more, and later he won an Olympic gold medal in the decathlon."
Doc 3 chucked condescendingly. "Child's play. I had a patient who was in a horrible e**.... He was blown to bits. All they found was a huge, gaping a**.... I put a suit and tie on it, and now he's the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys!"

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