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What could the Boston Marathon b**... do that h**... couldn't?

End a race.

Why do Boston police cars have blue lights?

Because Boston drivers don't stop for red lights.

What does a Boston terrier sound like?

Bahk bahk. Wicked bahk.

Why were the Boston Marathon Bombings worse than h**...? (OFFENSIVE)

Because they actually managed to end a race.

Who is a Boston Terrier's favorite classical composer?


What did the boston marathon b**... accomplish that h**... could not?

They ended a race...

What does a Boston Majorette do with their baton?


Why doesn't Boston like whistleblowers during the winter?

Because they always seem to get Snowden

A Bostonian shooter opens fire on a Catholic meeting, killing 28 and injuring dozens more.

The newspaper headline the next day reads:
"A Massive Massacre Occurs at Mass in Massachusetts."

A Bostonian is walking down the street when...

A pirate jumps out in front of him and screams "Arrr!!!" To which the Bostonian screams back "Ahhhhhh!"

The Boston snowstorm so was bad the Canadians reported on it.

They called it Tuesday.

What did the Boston Marathon Bomber achieve that h**... couldn't?

The Marathon Bomber was able to end an entire race.

I went to Boston and ate some chowder last Thursday.

It was the clam before the storm.

Why do boston carpenters get slapped by women?

Because they want to show women their caulk

What do bostonians call dogs that protect heaven's gates?

God dogs

Why is a Boston painting school so special?

Because everyone there is ahtistic.

What did the Bostonian zookeeper say when the monkey hit him in the junk?


My Bostonian girlfriend cheated on me with multiple people. I thought she wanted to get a bird...

... turns out she had a different cockatoo in mind.

What do Boston men and Sheep have in common?

They both go to the BaaBaa shop for hair cuts.

Whom did the Boston Strangler choke last?

The Atlanta Falcons.

Why did the boston man keep losing in clash of clans?

He kept playing with his "pekka"

Bost joke, Why did the boston man keep losing in clash of clans?

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  1. What do priests and zits have in common? They bost bust on 12 year Olds faces

Bost joke, What do priests and zits have in common?

Bost joke, What do priests and zits have in common?

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