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What borders stupidity?

Mexico & Canada

A border patrol official comes into the Oval Office and says to Trump...

"Sir, because of the trauma of being separated from their parents, three Brazilian children fell deeply sick last night." Trump looks absolutely devastated. He sinks back in his chair, murmuring "oh my god" to himself over and over. Then he composes himself and says: "Okay. Just remind me, how many are there in a brazillion?"

What borders on silly?

México & Canada

A border patrol officer stops a Mexican immigrant...

...on his way in to the U.S.
He says to the Mexican: "If you can make a whole sentence using the words Green, Pink and Yellow, Ill let you in with no delay"
The Mexican pauses to think for a few minutes then replies: "The phone goes Green-Green, I Pink it up and I say Yellow"

I'll tell you what is bordering on the ridiculous...


What borders on stupidity?

Canada and Mexico

(German Joke)

U.S Border Patrol

Putting the panic in Hispanic

How will a border wall keep us safe...

If it keeps Americans IN?

I want to get a border collie.

The one I have isn't bored enough.

What borders on insanity?

Canada and Mexico

What borders on stupidity?

Canada and Mexico.
(Stolen from a German friend on FB where it's apparently making the rounds...)

Border guard asks the passenger:

- Russian
- no, just a visit.

Border collies are not very i**......

You know what dogs *are* i**...?

I used to have a border collie...

...then my parents fed him too much and he became husky.

What borders obesity?

Mexico and Canada

I see a border patrol car drive by...

So I ask my mexican co-woker if he has his visa. He looks at me cofused for a minute then says "no no I only have debit card" (true story)

Border officer: Do you have anything to declare?

Traveller: Only an undying love of travel puns.
Border officer: ...You just crossed a line, kid.

Border Guard

An American couple was crossing the border into Canada. The border guard notices that the wife's white skin is red and blue from a beating. So the border guard says to the husband, "You better not be doing that here in Canada Eh, cause those colours don't fly here".

Two border collies are going to sleep on their farm.

Suddenly there is a loud noise from the sheep area.
Tom the border collie jumps up asking, "Did you hear that from the sheep, Boomer?"
Boomer the Collie: "Of course I herd them."

What borders at stupidity?

Canada and Mexico.
With kind regards from my math teacher

What was the border patrol agent's greatest regret?

The Juan that got away.

What do you call a bird at school?


Bord joke, What do you call a bird at school?

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  1. What do you call a bird at school? Bord

Bord joke, What do you call a bird at school?

Bord joke, What do you call a bird at school?