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If legalized m**... boosts a towns economy, it can then also be known to have...

municipal purposes.

Two policemen are walking through a park and see how a young man is putting an apple core in a plastic bag.

Then he takes another apple, eats it and puts the core in the bag again.
So they approach him: "Excuse me, why do you return the apple cores back in the plastic bag when there's a garbage bin next to you?"
He says: "When I get home, I'll take the apple seeds out of them and eat them. It boosts my intelligence."
"Is that true?"
"If you want, you can have these two apple cores for $4."
So they buy them and eat them. An hour later one of them says:
"Dude, we're s**.... We bought two apple cores for 4 bucks when we'd be able to buy 3 pounds of apples!"
The other replies: "Oh my god, it works!"

A civil war buff

Is when George Washington boosts his troops' damage for 60 seconds

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