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  1. Orange Signal Booster Network Service has a mobile phone signal booster that is specifically designed to improve the Orange Network signal.
  2. I have a bumper sticker that reads honk if you think I'm s**... I usually just stop at green lights to get some confidence boosters
  3. Until this crisis is over im going to stick to m**... just before 8pm on Thursday evenings The neighbourhood applauding me as I finish is just the confident booster I need
  4. You can't just pop a roofie into a woman's drink, You have to make her want it! l**... boosters work better for that.
  5. What does the rocket booster tell to the rocket when it is decoupled? "We cannot be together anymore, you have lost my t**..."

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  1. Why did Johnny Depp skip getting a booster shot? Because he now has Heard immunity .
  2. I discovered a new dinosaur after getting my booster shot... The Armisaur
  3. Booster cables are racist Because being black is negative.
  4. Zuckerburg is so scared hes shaking in his booster seat
  5. How do you call a black guy that uses testosterone boosters? Testostyrone.
  6. Best testosterone booster

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Dogs and old tech

I work at a veterinary hospital.
We had to give booster shots to a dog today, specifically a Doberman Pinscher.
I noted that we were "updating a dobie."
Many groans were had.
I thought it was funny. :)

The doorman at a bar refuses a patron entry because dress code requires a tie be worn.

So the patron goes back to his car and pulls a set of booster cables from the trunk, ties it around his neck like and tie and returns to the doorman.
The doorman says. "OK, that will work, but you better not start anything".