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I took an AP Physics test today and finished early, so I wrote this joke in the test booklet out of boredom

Heisenberg and Schrodinger are driving along when they get pulled over.
The police officer asks them if they know how fast they were going.
Heisenberg says, "I'm uncertain."
The officer then asks for them to open the trunk, and they oblige.
"Did you know there is a dead cat in your trunk?" the officer asks incredulously.
"I do now!" Schrodinger replies.

I like to bring a booklet of jokes whenever I sit down to join a conversation at a table,

because as soon as it is my turn to start talking,
I can lay my booklet down and begin my statement by saying:
"Jokes aside, ..."

My 6 year old daughter told me this one: What do you call a book that has babies?

A booklet.

A got a job helping write an instruction booklet

It's mostly manual labor.

What did the pamphlet say to the booklet when it asked for help?

Bro sure!

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