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  1. Restaurant for dogs Waiter: What can I get you, sir?
    Dog: I see you serve the book report. How is that prepared?
    Waiter: A kid stayed up all night working on it.
    Dog: Ooh! I'll have that.
  2. My teacher said, because I was acting up in class, I have to do a book report on the largest bone in the arm. Isn't that humorous?
  3. I was in my English class the other day.... And I didn't understand the book that was in the curriculum.
    So I made all my students write a 3 page report about it.
  4. I got my history and book reports confused. No wonder why teachers wanted to know why it was titiled "King leopold II: Destroyer of 3rd world"
  5. The Guinness Book of World Records is actually Chuck Norris' elementary school report card.

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  1. Why did the student fail on his book report? TLDR
  2. There's a new report on why people aren't spending time with books anymore. TL;DR
  3. News flash: Chapters truck caught speeding Police reported, "It was really booking it!"
  4. Yo momma's so fat She did a book report in high school, on lard of the fries

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"I'm not a fool..."

An illiterate man loses his cheque book, so he goes to the bank 2 days later to report it.
Bank manager: I warned you to be careful with your cheque book, because anyone can forge your signature.
Man: I am not a fool... I already signed all the cheques, so there is no space to forge my signature..

I remember doing a book report in elementary school on, "Fifty Shades of Grey".

I got a B+ and the teacher left a note saying, "thank god you didn't actually read the book, though I loved your creativity stating Christian Grey had 49 other clones".

The Age Factor

(Taken from Reader's Digest Year:1998)
Even though she's been teaching English for 25 years, my mother never felt her age was an issue, until the day she helped a student with a report on the Vietnam War. Mom recognised the name of a war correspondent mentioned in the textbook and blurted, "I used to date him!"
Peering up from his work, another wide-eyed student asked, "You dated someone from our history book?"

A reformed Mexican g**... was trying to change his life...

so he decides to go back to school and one night he was writing a book report, he was sitting at his desk by the window and a gust of wind knocked his papers away and scattered outside...he says "Come back here essay!"

A panda walks into a bar

and orders a bowl of beer nuts from the bartender. After finishing his meal, the panda whips out an enormous .45 Magnum and lets off six rounds into the ceiling.
As soon as the report of the last round had finished echoing around the bar, the panda rose from his stool. He looks around the bar, then hops onto all-fours and hobbles out of the building.
The other patrons of the bar were paralyzed with fear, even after the assailant had left. Finally, breaking the silence, the bartender pulls out a dictionary, flips open to a page, and puts the book on the bar.
"Here," he says, and invites the others to come have a look.
pan-da, *noun* \ˈpan-də\
:Eats chutes and leaves.

A monk joins an abbey ready to dedicate his life to copying ancient books by hand...

After the first day though, he reports to the head priest. He's concerned that all the monks have been copying copies made from still more copies.
"If someone made a mistake," he points out. "It would be impossible to detect. Even worse, the error would continue to be made."
A bit startled, the priest decides he better check their latest effort against the original which is kept in a vault beneath the abbey. A place only he has access to.
Well two days, then three days pass without the priest resurfacing. Finally, the new monk decides to see if the guy is alright. When he gets down there though, he discovers the priest hunched over both a copy and the original text. He is sobbing and by the looks of it has been sobbing for quite some time.
"Father?" the monk whispers.
"Oh my goodness," the priest wails. "The word is 'celebrate.' "

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