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I've just seen the most confusing book...

Ventriloquism for Dummies

ChatGPT's favorite book is "Artificial Intelligence for Dummies," because it's a fun read!

Just finished the book Eating for Dummies

Boy was it hard to digest

"For Dummies"

In an effort to reinvigorate my interest in reading, I decided to visit Barnes and Noble. I walked past the romance section, I strolled by the mystery books, until I came across the "For Dummies" series.
For those that don't know, *For Dummies* is a series that explains things in a simplistic manner, so that anyone can try to understand them.
I found *Java for Dummies.* That's great! I wouldn't mind learning how to code.
I found *Violins for Dummies.* That's fantastic! I'd love to learn violin.
Then, I came across *Athletic Scholarships for Dummies.*
I never realized they came in any other way.

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