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  1. Yo' Mama is so poor, when she picks a booger, she yells, "Clap your hands and stomp your feet, praise the Lord, we got meat!"
  2. My daughter can be so cruel... Her: Hey dad, what is the difference between broccoli and boogers?
    Me: I don't know, what?
    Her (pointing at me): YOU, don't eat your broccoli!
  3. What's the difference between a prince and a booger? A prince is the heir the throne, a booger is thrown to the air.
  4. People keep asking me if I was one of those who helped elect a living booger. And I keep telling them, he wasn't my pick.
  5. Why shouldn't you laugh at a bad booger joke? Because even if you think it's funny, it'snot.
  6. The other day my girl friend called me her booger sugar Because she likes to do me in secret In the bathroom.
  7. Am I crazy... ... or does it smell like boogers in here?
  8. I thought it was a booger... But itsnot.
  9. What's your favorite type of booger? I know, it's hard to pick.
  10. Where do boogers go when you sneeze? Achoo!

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Booger joke, Where do boogers go when you sneeze?

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Booger One Liners

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  1. Ya know what the difference between broccoli and boogers is? I don't eat broccoli.
  2. What did the booger say to the finger? Pick on someone your own size.
  3. Why don't snowmen like carrot cake? Because they think it tastes like boogers!
  4. Is that a booger? No it's (s)not.
  5. A lot of people think boogers are funny But they're snot.
  6. Why don't snowmen eat carrot cake on their cake day? Tastes like boogers
  7. What do you call a booger that goes into space? Astrosnaut!
  8. What do you call a gay booger? Phlegmboyant
    *ba-dum tss*
  9. Baby if you were a booger I would pick you!
  10. Why did the booger cross the road? So it wouldn't get picked on.
  11. What did the tooth say to the booger? What are you doing here?
  12. Q: What's the difference between boogers and broccoli?
    A: Kids don't eat broccoli.
  13. Finger Brutality is real against boogers It's a civil rights tissue
  14. What's the difference between spinach and boogers? Kids don't eat spinach.
  15. What did the cavity said to the booger when they met . . . why are you here?

Booger joke, What did the cavity said to the booger when they met . . .

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I wrote this little ditty just seconds after waking up.

An auto worker storms into his union leader's office. "I have a really pesky booger in my nostril, and management won't get us anymore tissue boxes!!" he shouts.
The union manager calmly responds: "Maybe you should picket."

Booger joke, Where do boogers go when you sneeze?

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