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My 8-Year old patient was so pround, mom was not.

Q: What type of bees make milk?

A: BOO-Bees!

And then he just couldn't stop laughing. Mom turned 50 shades of red and blamed dad. Good times.

What type of bees make milk...?


Which bees produce milk?


Boobees joke, Which bees produce milk?

What do you call bees that make milk?


How do you scare bees?


Gold from my local preacher

What kind of bee gives milk instead of honey?


For my birthday I bought a pair of ghost bumblee earrings.

This way my face can always be between a pair of boo-bees.

Boobees joke, For my birthday I bought a pair of ghost bumblee earrings.

What's the sexiest bee species?


What's do bees dress up as on Halloween?


What do you get when you cross a ghost with a swarm of honeybees?


What bees make milk?


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As told by my 8 year old step son - what type of bees produce milk?

Boobees..... (He really got me with that one)

What Do Ghosts Like To Stare At?


Why do men like Haunted Bees?

boobees ! :D

I'll show myself out.

What kind of bees scare neckbeards?


What type of bee makes milk instead of honey?


Boobees joke, What type of bee makes milk instead of honey?

What kind of swimwear do Queen Bees wear?

Beekinis. To cover uo their boobees.

What type of bees doesn't stings?


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