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  1. My 8-Year old patient was so pround, mom was not. Q: What type of bees make milk?
    A: BOO-Bees!
    And then he just couldn't stop laughing. Mom turned 50 shades of red and blamed dad. Good times.
  2. Why couldn't the bee dress as a ghost for Halloween? Because people are offended by seeing Boo Bees.
  3. If honey bees make honey, what type of bees make milk? Boo bees...... My dad just told me this one
  4. For my birthday I bought a pair of ghost bumblee earrings. This way my face can always be between a pair of boo-bees.
  5. Why isn't anyone afraid of ghost bees? Because everyone loves Boo Bees!
    I'm sure someone thought of this first but I don't remember hearing it before and it popped into my head.
  6. Bees Did you guys hear about the new, milk-making bees they found in Africa?
    They're called boo bees.
  7. What type of Bee produces milk? A Boo Bee
  8. My favourite bees Are boo bees
  9. What do you call a bee that scares people? A boo-bee.
  10. Do you know how to scare a bee? You say, "Boo bee!"
    Heh heh. Booby!

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Boo Bees One Liners

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  1. What bee produces milk? A boo-bee
  2. My 7 year old daughter drops this joke on me. What kind of bee's make milk?
  3. What type of bees make milk...? Boo-bees!
  4. What did the ghost say to the bees? Boo Bees
  5. What kind of bees make milk, not honey? Boo-bies (.)(.)
  6. How do you scare bees? "Boo-bees!"
    Gold from my local preacher
  7. what do you call bees on halloween? boo bees
  8. What's the sexiest bee species? Boo-bees
  9. What do you call a scary bee? A boo bee.
  10. What's do bees dress up as on Halloween? Boo-Bees
  11. What do you get when you cross a ghost with a swarm of honeybees? BOO-BEES!
  12. What bees make milk? Boo-bees!
  13. How do you scare a bee? Jump in front of it and yell BOO BEE!!!
  14. What do you call a bee ghost? A boo-bee
  15. What kind of bees scare neckbeards? Boo-bees.

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A bee landed on a girl's chest at the s**... addiction therapy course.

Apparently screaming Boo Bee at her chest was wrong...

How do you scare a bee?

Boo bee. (b**... - get it? - courtesy of my kids)

What do you call a bee that gives milk?


Why do ghost n**... buzz?

Because of their boo-bees

How do you frighten a Bee?

Sneak up behind it and yell BOO BEE!

What's your favorite kind of Bee?

Mine is the Boo-Bee...

What do you call the spirits of honey bees?


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