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Funniest Bono Short Jokes

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  1. I hate U2 so I smashed their vinyls at the store. My pro bono lawyer is not happy about it.
  2. You guys hear that Bono fell off the stage at the big U2 concert last night? He got a little too close to the edge.
  3. What do you say when 2 fans of Bono tell you they love you? I love you too you two U 2 fans.
  4. What's the difference between Bono and God? God doesn't walk around Dublin pretending he's Bono
  5. I was going to sue U2 for stealing one of my songs But I found out my lawyer was pro-bono.
  6. Did you hear that the band U2 gave away a free concert? Apparently, the crowd was very Pro Bono.
  7. Why do U2's lawyers never get paid? Because they work pro Bono.
  8. My lawyer dumped me after I said I hated U2. He was working under a Pro Bono agreement.
  9. Did you hear about the lawyer who moonlights as a U2 impersonator? He calls himself Pro Bono.
  10. How does Bono spell the word "colour"? With or without u.

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Bono One Liners

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  1. Bono and The Edge walk into a bar The bartender sighs ugh, not you two again…
  2. How does Bono spell color? With or without "u"
  3. I've heard that U2 has never paid legal any legal fees Their lawyers all work pro-Bono.
  4. Bono and the Edge walk into a bar. Bartender says, "Ugh, U2 again?"
  5. Why doesn't Bono like Google? He still hasn't found what he's looking for.
  6. Bono and the Edge walk into a bar, the barman looks up and says Not U2 again
  7. Bono and edge walk into a bar Bartender says oh no not U2 again.
  8. Bono switched from Google to Bing But he still hasn't found what he's looking for
  9. Why don't U2's lawyers ever make any money? All their work is pro Bono.
  10. Bono and the Edge walk into a bar. The bartender says... Oh no, not U2 again.
  11. Bono and Edge walk into a bar The barkeep says, "not U2 again"...
  12. Bono and The Edge walk into a bar The bartender: "Oh its U2 again"
  13. How do U2's lawyers work? Pro Bono.
  14. How do you know that a lawyer listens to U2? They are working pro-Bono
  15. What was U2's lawyer's hourly rate? Nothing, he was pro-Bono

Pro Bono Jokes

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  • I'm organising a debate to decide which member of U2 is the best. I'm doing it completely pro bono
  • Why do you want your lawyer to be a U2 fan? Cos they're always pro-Bono
  • Why is U-2's lawyer always broke? All of his cases are pro-Bono
  • Having U2 as a client would be the worst All the work is pro bono.
  • Which lawyers are U2 fans? The pro bono ones
  • When I heard Julian Assange had 2 children with his lawyer while in exile... I realized this gave new meaning to the words pro bono!
  • A lawyer I know is a big fan of U2 He's pro Bono.
  • Why are U2 fans happy to work for free? Because they are pro Bono.
  • I don't get why all these people praise lawyers just for being U2 fans Suddenly they're special for taking on Pro-Bono cases?
  • What do you call a lawyer that likes U2? Pro Bono.

Sonny Bono Jokes

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  • Sonny Bono can't tell you the name of the tiger in The Jungle Book... But Cher can.
  • What do stoners and Sonny Bono have in common? They both hit the trees hard.
  • What do Sonny Bono and Red Dead Redemption 2 have in common? A tree is your worst enemy.
  • Breaking new: Sonny Bono was actually murdered The tree was planted
  • Sonny and Cher's son arrested for prostitution. His lawyer claims he was doing it Pro Bono.
Bono joke, Sonny and Cher's son arrested for prostitution.

Bono joke, Sonny and Cher's son arrested for prostitution.

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Bono once painted himself into The Last Supper

he was there on the end, sitting on The Edge

Why didn't the skeleton make a good lawyer?

All his work was pro bono.

My favorite Robin Williams joke

U2 is playing a concert in Scotland, and as a hush comes over the crowd, Bono starts clapping his hands above his head very slowly.
As he claps, he tells the crowd, "Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies." And a man stands up in the back of the room, and shouts "Then stop clappin' your hands!"
Thanks, Robin.

So Bono has had glaucoma for years

No wonder he still hasn't found what he's looking for...

Why does Bono sing acapella when he's feeling down?

It takes the edge off it

U2 was playing a concert yesterday and Bono fell off the stage..

apparently he was standing too close to The Edge

Bono and The Edge walks into a bar. The barman says "Oh God, not U2 again."

Did you know Adele is a huge fan of Bono?

She wishes nothing but the best for UUUUUUUU2!

How do you know Bono is selfish?

He does a lot of Pro-Bono work.

Saw Bono kissing himself in the mirror. I looked at him in disgust and said....

"Get a room U2!"

Bono and the Edge walk into a bar...

The bartender looks up at them and says "Oh, not you two again.".

U2 hired a company to promote them but they didn't pay anything.

They were pro bono.

U2's Ireland shows have sold out.

Expect a ticket through your letterbox any day now courtesy of Bono.

Caught my dog chewing on my law books this morning.

Now he is Pro Bono.

Why is there echo every time Bono sings?

Because he's close to The Edge

Why does Bono always wear those glasses?

Because he still hasn't found what he's looking for.

Bono from U2 is the voice of my car's GPS

It s**.... The streets have no names and I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

I was asked if I wanted to volunteer at the U2 concert...

...I said I don't like to do Pro Bono work.

Why didn't Bono sell any wheat bread at his bakery?

Cuz it's all rye, it's all rye, it's all rye.

When a roofer works pro bono...

It's on the house

TIL U2 got sued over copyright and didn't have money to afford a lawyer. The ACLU stepped in for free and they won the case.

It was pro Bono.

Bono and a Lightbulb

How many members of U2 does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Three to screw it in and Bono to explain it to the world.

Is a lawyer representing U2...

Pro Bono?

U2 performed at live aid for free

It was completely pro bono

Chris Cornell dies and goes to heaven…

St. Peter: It is probably a bit disorienting, but there are a lot of people here you will want to meet.
Chris: Like who?
St. Peter: Well, right over there are Janis, Jimi, Kurt, Prince, and David Bowie for starters.
Chris: Oh no, is that Bono over there with them? I didn't know that Bono was dead.
St. Peter: No, no, that's not Bono, that's god, he just thinks he's Bono.

Have you heard of U2's new charity?

it's pro bono

Bono has released a protest song against Google

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

People ask me if I like U2...

I tell them "Yes, I'm pro Bono."

I had booked a U2 for my wife's birthday party...

Unfortunately they had to cancel. Luckily I found a replacement at the last minute. This new guy was amazing. He looked the part, sang all the songs exactly, and even his mannerisms were spot on.
After the party I went up to the replacement and asked how much I owed him for the gig. He said, "Don't worry mate, I'm pro Bono."

What do you call a Mexican male pornstar who works for free?

Pro Bono

How many bonobos does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Just two, bonobos will screw anywhere...

Why did Bono fall off the stage ?

He got too close to the Edge

Aliens may in fact be pro bono proctologists from another planet

Uranus , possibly

I hear U2's lawyers...

are all pro Bono...

In Seattle, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is looking for a musician/philanthropist to support the cause

i.e. a CHAZ Bono

Bono and the Edge walk into a bar in Dublin

The barman exclaims, "Not U2 again!!!"

Bono walks into a bar in Tijuana.

He has thirteen of his closest friends with him, and he offers to buy the first round. He walks up to the bartender and orders in Spanish. The bartender comes out a bit later and hands out all the beers.
Bono laughs and says, "I love this place. Every time I come here, I order four drinks, and the bartender brings out fourteen!"

Bono and The Edge walk into a bar...

The bartender groans and says: Ah s**..., not you two again!

Bono and The Edge walked into a Irish bar and the bartender said...

Oh no, not U2 again

Bono and the Edge walked into a bar.

The bartender looks up and says "Oh no. Not U2 again."

Bono joke, I hate U2 so I smashed their vinyls at the store.

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