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Best Short Bong Jokes

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  1. I'll shotgun a beer, rip a b**..., munch some shrooms... But c**... is where I draw the line.
  2. I poured some b**... water out on a plant, turns out they don't like w**... Bushes prefer c**...
  3. A cop pulled me over... A cop pulled me over and asked papers?
    I said sorry, I don't have them on me, but you're welcome to borrow my b**...
  4. A guy that worked in a clock tower got fired for being high on the job. We call him b**... ben
  5. What is the difference between Bing b**... and Neil Armstrong? Only one of them made it to the moon.
  6. I am an actual real house cat. After I take a b**...-hit I SWEAR I can type in English for about 60 secmeow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow
  7. I just woke up from a dream I just woke up from a dream
    About buying this amazing b**... I can't afford in real life
    I guess you could say it's a pipe dream
  8. So a s**... takes a huge rip of this b**.... Like two feet long, and white walls it... And then uh, um... dude what was I saying?
  9. What do you call a smoke shop which hosts o**... sponsored by Microsoft's search engine? The Bing b**... Bang Bungalo
  10. Today I lost a good bud of mine to a b**....

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Bong One Liners

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  1. So, I purchased tickets and attended a competition for hitting bongs… It was a Rip Off
  2. 21000lbs, packed full and waiting to blow your head off Mother of all bongs.
  3. What does a frog do when it sees a b**...? Rip it
  4. What did the politicians say after taking a huge b**... hit? "What's Allepo?"
  5. When does a clock get hungry? After the b**....
  6. What do you get from too many b**... hits? A chronic injury.
  7. What did the s**... alpaca say to the other s**... alpaca? alpaca 'nother b**...
  8. How does Snoop Dogg greet the French? b**... jour.
  9. I had a headstone made for the b**... I broke last night. I had it engraved b**... RIP.
  10. What's smoky an sounds like a bell? \*b**...\*
  11. s**...: Where do I go to get some bongs? English person: Big Ben, mate.
  12. Why do stoners like bells so much? b**...! b**...! b**...! b**...!
  13. Why was the cupcake so scared of the b**...? Because the b**... threatened to get him baked.
  14. Who's the most forgettable Disney/Pixar character? Bing-b**...
  15. Why did the hippy drink the b**... water? So he could get highdrated

Bong Hit Jokes

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  • What do you call a Top 40 song about m**...? A b**... hit.
  • I accidentally tripped and hit my sons $100 b**... this morning...

Bing Bong Jokes

Here is a list of funny bing bong jokes and even better bing bong puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Eminem had his own version of Bing b**.... But then he Forgot About Dre
  • So when you use Microsoft's search engine to look for a glass pipe... Bing b**...!
Bong joke, So when you use Microsoft's search engine to look for a glass pipe...

Ridiculous Bong Jokes to Spark Fun and Laughter

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I was sitting in church when a guy walked in and said hi to me.

He then walked up into the tower of the church and hit his face against the large bell a few times.
#b**... b**... b**...
He then walked back down the stairs and said "See you later mate" and walked out. As he left a few fellow church goers said to me, "Do you know that guy?"
I replied, "I don't think so, but his face rings a bell"

Bong joke, Why was the cupcake so scared of the b**...?

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