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After years of my mom telling me to bond with my stepdad...

We finally bonded over a shared annoyance of her forcing us to do bonding activities.

I guess you could call it ironic bonding.


My whole family bonded over math. Calculus was our religion. Except my grandfather...

...he was against integration.



What did James Bond and the pretty lady do last night?

They bonded


A friend and I had been arguing for a very long time

But we finally bonded over burying our collection of Gary Paulsen books. I guess you could say we buried the Hatchet.


Hey baby, are you a Hydrogen atom?

'Cause ever since I saw you we've been bonded.


What do you call a group of closely bonded people that always cough?



How did Metallica get their band name?

They Bonded over lunch.


What does a blonde woman is doing with her ear bonded to the wall ?

Listening *house*.


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