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  1. A new Muslim clothing store opened up in my town today... I've been banned from it for asking where I can find the new bomber jackets.
  2. Back in my day we had to fly those bombs to the target. They didn't ride on these fancy rockets. Ok bomber.
  3. Bought myself a really tight fit bomber jacket the other day But once I had got it on it wouldnt go off...
  4. I don't see why you would become an Islamic fundamentalist s**... bomber on the off chance that when you die you get 72 virgins. Just become a Catholic priest and get them now.
  5. I've never really understood it why would you become an Islamic s**... bomber on the off-chance you might get 72 virgins when you die. Become a Catholic priest and get them now.
  6. why would you be a s**... bomber... And wait for the 72 virgins in heaven... When you could become a catholic preist and have them now!
    Source: Jimmy Carr
  7. What could the Boston Marathon b**... do that h**... couldn't? End a race.
  8. Where do s**... b**... go after they die All over the place
  9. I am s**... bomber AMA Wow this blew up fast.
  10. Worst joke I've ever heard What is the difference between h**... and the Boston b**...?
    One of them actually ended a race.

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Bomber One Liners

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  1. Did you hear about the Mexican train bomber? He had locomotives.
  2. What do you call a radical muslim pastry chef? Chocolate bomber
  3. What is a German bomber's favorite type of food? A french fry!
  4. What did the bomber say afterwards?
  5. What do you call bomber version of Snoop Dog? B-52 (High Altitude Bomber)
  6. Cereal is safe to eat in Austin again... The bomber is dead.
  7. A man has been blowing up mental hospitals. Please help us catch the Looney bomber!
  8. A man had a tumor shaped like a bomber plane. It was B-9.
  9. What did the Austin Bomber say to the cops before he died? Austin La Vista
  10. What did Obama say when he first heard of the Boston Marathon bomber? Aw, bummer.
  11. What do you call a Muslim woman wearing oculur rift or a VR headset? Stealth Bomber
  12. The Boston Bomber corned in a boat has been captured! I guess his ship has sailed.
  13. What did the s**... bomber instructor say... I'm only going to show you this once.
  14. Where do s**... b**... go after they die? Everywhere
  15. What's s**... b**...' biggest fear? Dying alone

Winnipeg Blue Bomber Jokes

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  • The Winnipeg Blue b**...
Bomber joke, The Winnipeg Blue b**...

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What's the difference between h**... and the Boston marathon bomber?

The bomber actually stopped a race

Have you heard about the s**... bomber f**...?

Wearing only a vest you run out in public and blow your DNA all over everyone.

I took a job as a s**... bomber yesterday.

I guess you could say it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Did you hear about the s**... bomber that became a Youtube sensation?

He never thought he'd blow up like this.

A s**... bomber goes to Las Vegas to try his luck at the slot machines....

....he hit the jackpot, and now he's all over the place.

Three Muslim women are sitting talking...

The first one says, "I miss my eldest son Ahmed. He was martyred in Iraq last year."
"Oh I know," says the second women, "I miss little Hamza. He drove a car-bomb into a Syrian checkpoint six months ago."
The third woman nodded, "Me too. My Omar was a s**... bomber in Gaza, so sad."
The first woman shook her head sadly. "Kids these days. They blow up so fast."

How do you dress a s**... bomber at his f**...?

In a three piece suit

72 virgins

This was it. The s**... bomber was going to blow up the US camp. Little did he know that when he woke up he would be surrounded by 72 engineering students....

School of Terrorism, s**... Bomber course...

Instructor: *Alright pay attention class, I'm only gonna do this once.*

What's the difference between a radical feminist and a s**... bomber?

One's being triggered and one's pulling the trigger.

A s**... bomber is teaching some new recruits...

He said, "Watch this demonstration carefully. I'm only going to do this once."

The s**... Bomber Teacher said to his student...

"Come here and listen closely, I'm only gonna show you this once"...

Did you hear about the s**... bomber?

His career ended just as it was beginning to blow up...

What was the s**... bomber greeted by in the afterlife?

A group of 40 other s**... b**....

Worst profession for take your kid to work day:

s**... Bomber

What did the s**... bomber from the Rebel Alliance say before detonating?


Did you hear about the Polish s**... bomber?

42 successful missions

I want to know what goes on inside the head of a s**... bomber.

I've always been curious about what makes them tick.

Can you imagine how hard it must be to intern a s**... bomber?

You need three years experience to even apply!

Why did the s**... bomber not show up to work?

He got mad at the wrong alarm clock.

Refugees do the jobs no one wants to do.

Like being a s**... bomber.

A s**... bomber tripped outside a news kiosk

He's all over the front pages.

A s**... bomber goes to heaven to receive his 72 virgins...

But all he sees are other men just like himself.

Confused, he asks one of them where his virgins are.
The man replies, "Brother, we are all virgins."

What did one s**... bomber say to the other?

"Dude, I don't think it worked."

Yeah, it IS true that migrants do the jobs you don't wanna do.

Like being a s**... bomber.

How many virgins does take to change a lightbulb?

Obviously more than 72, or all those s**... bomber would have seen the light.

I was going to tell a s**... bomber joke,

but I feel that it would just blow up in my face.

It must be pretty bad being the wife of a s**... bomber...

Because if they come home after work, they've had a bad day.

I applied for a job as a s**... bomber.

I said I have no previous experience, they didn't seem to mind.

What did the s**... bomber say when he saw a n**... girl for the first time?

Nothing. He just exploded.

What did the s**... bomber instructor say to his class?

Now pay attention class, I'm only going to do this once.

A s**... bomber walks into a bar

But he doesn't blow up, because it's an Allahu snack bar.

What does a s**... bomber say when he's teaching class?

Pay attention! I'm only going to show this once.

I was being recruited for s**... b**......

I asked the recruiter, "what are the perks of being a s**... bomber?" And he replied, "well, for starters, you get to go all over the place!"

ISIS Awards Night:

The 2016 best s**... bomber award goes to Mohammed.
Unfortunately Mohammed can't be with us tonight.

There are certain professions where having experience doesnt account for anything

like being a s**... bomber

An al-Qaeda s**... bomber carried out his mission...

And made it to heaven, where he found 72 virgins. Turns out they were all guys playing world of Warcraft.

What does a C++ function and a cellphone activated s**... bomber have in common?

Both are executed when they're called.

What does a Hawaiian s**... bomber say when he walks into a building?


A s**... bomber enters a mall, trigger in hand, threatening to blow up the building.

I swiftly chop off his hand, disarming him.

I tried to tell a joke about a s**... bomber today

But it just blew up in my face

Why don't you ask a s**... bomber for directions?

He'll make you go everywhere but where you want to go.

An ISIS member's son once said: "My daddy was a s**... bomber..."

"...I wanna be just like him when I blow up."

What did the Boston Marathon Bomber achieve that h**... couldn't?

The Marathon Bomber was able to end an entire race.

A t**... tells the s**... bomber they shouldn't attack the Statue of Liberty, because she's "too easy" ...

The bomber shrugs and replies "Eh, I'd still bang"

A guy was wondering what being a s**... bomber was like

So I told him, "C4 yourself"

Don't become an Islamic s**... bomber for the off chance you'll get 72 virgins after death.

Become a Catholic priest and get them now!

Did you hear about the s**... bomber who destroyed part of his compound?

The d**... was trying to practice.

Never die a v**...…

… When you get to Heaven they will make you have s**... with a s**... bomber.

Did you hear about the s**... bomber

Who refused to blow up in front of a crowd??
They say he was a real people Persian

How do you pick up a s**... bomber?

With a dustpan

When was the s**... bomber supposed to get paid?


Did you hear the story about the cyber-s**... bomber?

Blew up all over the internet.

What's the difference between a p**... and a s**... bomber

A p**... blows you while a s**... bomber blows himself

Did you heard about the s**... bomber with ADHD??

His brain was everywhere

Why was the s**... bomber disappointed when he completed his mission?

You ever see the kind of women that die virgins?

What do you call the s**... bomber group?

A one-hit-wonder.

What kind of s**... bomber stops at a stop sign?

Allah abiding one.

A s**... bomber runs into the BBC

An employee runs up to him and screams no don't do that, you might blow up on the news!

The teacher to his pupils in a s**... bomber lesson

"Please, pay attention cause I'll only say this once"

What did the guidance councilor say to the s**... bomber?

What do you wanna be when you blow up?

An American, Russian and Malaysian are having a conversation

The American says: "We have the best stealth planes ever. We can fly our B-2 stealth bomber over Beijing and the Chinese will never see."
The Russian, not willing to be out done, says "We also have good stealth planes, so stealthy like Khrushchev and very accurate. 100% not bootleg."
The Malaysian said, "I have the best stealth plane. MH370 hasn't been found for 4 years."

A German man went to London

While there, he decided to take in the atmosphere of the Great British Pub, and got talking with one of the patrons.
So, where in Germany are you from? he asked, after a couple of beers.
Dresden, the German man replied.
Ah, Dresden! My father used to fly there three times a week.
On business?
No, in a Lancaster bomber.

After killing himself and several others, a s**... bomber is given 72 virgins to use as he pleases.

When the s**... bomber arrives, he notices that they're all on laptops. He finds this strange, and asks one what they're doing. The v**... responds, "We're playing Fortnite. Wanna join?"

What's the difference between a insurance agent and a s**... bomber?

A s**... bomber only bothers you once

Happiest Job

You know what is the happiest job in the world?
s**... bomber. They having a blast.

Why did the s**... bomber stop going to work?

His career blew up in his face, and now he was spread too thin.

A s**... Bomber is in Court

The judge says, for your crimes you shall be sentenced to life

A s**... bomber dies and goes to heaven

At the pearly gates he meets St. Peter who tells him, "I bet you don't have the guts to do that again."

How many people did the Islamic s**... bomber intend to kill?

Allah them.

What is the difference between a s**... bomber and a Liberal.

s**... b**... know what their gender is.

Why did the Muslim become a s**... bomber?

To get laid.

A Muslim s**... bomber walks into a crowd of infidels and blows himself up.

He is immediately transported to Paradise, where he finds himself surrounded by seventy-two of the ugliest women anyone has ever laid eyes upon. The s**... bomber is crestfallen.
"C'mon, think it through," Allah pats him sympathetically on the shoulder. "Why do you think they're still virgins?"

Bomber joke, A Muslim s**... bomber walks into a crowd of infidels and blows himself up.

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