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  1. Step One. Implant a tiny bomb in your head and prepare the detonation button. What happens next will blow your mind.
  2. Why would a Hipster hate a Nuclear War? Because when the bombs detonate, dying would become too mainstream.
  3. A break-dancer got arrested on suspicion of terrorism His boombox was safely detonated by the bomb squad.
  4. How did the Americans know the latest s**... b**... was perpetrated by a Canadian Islamic extremist? Because, at the center of the detonation site, they found a moose-limb.
  5. What was the t**...'s pick up line? 'hey babe, I've got a large pipe bomb and I never pre-maturely detonate."

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  1. What did the Redditor say after detonating a bomb inside a bank?
  2. What did the burglar say after detonating a bomb to break into Fort Knox?
  3. I was going to bomb tonight at this stand up gig... But I left my detonator at home.
  4. Where did the t**... go after he detonated the bomb? Everywhere.
  5. What did the t**... say after detonating the bomb?

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very old jokes, but I haven't seen them here before

A male bovine has unfortunately just swallowed a ticking time bomb. How would you describe this situation in one word?
Five minutes later the bomb has detonated leaving little beyond a small hole in the ground. What one word describes the new situation?

In j**... training

A man learns how to detonate and conceal explosives.
In order to test how good he is at concealing them, he decides to strap some to himself and walk around the camp. Now knowing they were attached to a remote detonator, he suddenly blows up.
After he dies he sees an old friend he left when going to train for j**....
"How did training go?" Asked his old friend.
"Not too sure, I think I bombed it."

I found a s**... vest in the attic this morning.

I was looking for an old poster I had when I was younger. Couldn't remember what it was, maybe for a movie? Anyways, I was hunting in the attic and I saw an old vest with several bombs tied to it. I couldn't see if there was a way to detonate it or not.
So, I took it down to my room, and I did some research. Under the right shoulder, I found a tag. The words were faded, and there was only about 4 of the 8 or 9 letters left, and it said this .
I'll keep searching and update you guys if I find anything.

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