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A Stark, A Lannister and a Bolton walks into a bar.

Bartender: "What's up Lady Sansa?"

John Bolton and President Trump are meeting in the White House

Bolton reads off a report to Trump and says "Today, in the war on drugs we lost 2 Brazilian soldiers."

Donald breaks down crying, sobbing uncontrollably.

John Bolton cringes and says "There's no reason to be upset, this isn't a big deal."

Donald replies, "Wait, remind me... How many is a brazilian?"

When you eat a lot of spicy food, you can lose your taste.

When I was in India last summer, I was listening to a lot of Michael Bolton.

What did the asian plumber say to Ramsey Bolton?

*you have a reek*

John Bolton: The troika of tyranny in this Hemisphere – Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua – has finally met its match,

Putin: Weird flex, but ok

What does Michael Bolton say when he walks into an elevator?

"This place rocks!"

So Prez. Trump asks John Bolton.....

Trump asks John Bolton after looking over files on N. Korea: How many Walmarts are there in North S***hole?
Bolton: No Walmarts, sir, only Targets.

2 men go into the city of Bolton

2 flayed corpses come out

[Game of Thrones] What happens if Ramsay Bolton met Samwell Tarly's girlfriend?

Gilly suit

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