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I want to open a Reserve to breed, arm and train West Lowland Gorillas to fight Jihadists.

I'm going to call it Boko Harambe

What do you call an army of gorilla soldiers?

Boko Harambe.

There's a new terrorist group targeting gorillas

It's called Boko Harambe

What's the difference between a Boko Haram training camp and a Nigerian refugee camp?

I don't know, I just fly the fighter jet.

Between the Boko Haram schoolgirl abductions and the recent Malaysia Airlines incidents...

I'm starting to doubt if we'll ever see an intact black box ever again.

What do you call a gorilla that's a member of a terrorist organization?

Boko Harambe

What do you call a radical Islamist gorilla group in Nigeria?

Boko Harambe.

Boko joke, What do you call a radical Islamist gorilla group in Nigeria?

What does IS call the evolutionary theory that humans are descended from the ape family?

Boko Harambe

What does a Boko Haram terrorist become after getting his throat slit?

Boko Halal.

contrary to popular belief...

boko haram is not a street fighter character.

I made a new anime about a terrorist trying to choose the favorite of his five wives.

I call it Boko Harem.

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Boko Haram are great at skin care.

They specialize in blackhead removal

What do you call a dead gorilla in a shopping centre?

Boko Harambe

Boko Haram have really had a radical change in direction since their Whiter Shade of Pale days

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