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Owing to fog a steamer stopped at the mouth of a river.

An old lady inquired of the captain the cause of the delay.
"Can't see up the river," replied the officer.
"But, captain, I can see the stars overhead," she argued.
"Yes," said the captain gruffly, "but until the boiler busts we ain't a-goin' that way."

Source: 1913 newspaper

My flatmates and I got into a massive argument about using the boiler today.

Things got heated.

A magician and his parrot...

This magician was getting annoyed with his parrot, because during every trick the parrot would spoil it by saying something along the lines of "It's in your shirt, braack." He then decided to get rid of him, so he took him on a ship, and into the boiler room. The magician shot the parrot, but missed. The ship exploded and the only survivors were the magician and the parrot, surprisingly. The parrot then says, "Alright, braack, you got me, where is the ship, braack."

When I was a kid...

'Too cool for school' meant the boiler had broken and we were all sent home.

Boiler joke, When I was a kid...

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Boiler joke, When I was a kid...

Boiler joke, When I was a kid...