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Niels Bohr (true story)

a true story (supposedly)

A man goes to visit Niels Bohr, and sees a horseshoe hanging over Bohr's door (a scandinavian superstition).

The man says, "But Niels, you are a scientist! Surely you do not believe in this superstition?"

Niels replies, "Of course I don't believe in it!"

The man is confused. "Why do you have it if you don't believe in it?"

Bohr replies, "It is supposed to work, even if you don't believe in it!"

I could talk about the atomic structure all day...

But I'd rather not Bohr you about it.

I Really Don't Like Atomic Science

Honestly, It's Such A Bohr.

I hate going to 3rd period Chemistry

It's such a Bohr.

Was going to tell my wife a joke about quantum theory...

...but I didn't want to Bohr here

I'd talk to you about atoms...

But I don't want to Bohr you.

What did one atom say to another?

You're such a Bohr!

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