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So a kid gets on a plane for the first time

and he is really excited about it. He is sitting inside the plane mid-flight when he finds out the plane's a Boeing. So he starts saying "Boeing.. Boeing.. Boeing.."

After a while when he doesn't stop the passengers start getting irritated, and the hostess comes along and tells the boy "Be Silent". So the boy starts "Oeing.. Oeing.. Oeing.. "

The FAA is reviewing the new Boeing Dreamliner...

it might get thrown under the airbus.

A man was overly excited to fly for the first time...

As he sat in his seat, he could contain his excitement no longer and began saying "Boeing! Boeing! Boeing!" over and over again.

Irritated, a stewardess comes over to him and says "Be silent!"

The man nods, and continues "Oeing, Oeing, Oeing..."

Engine failure

A Boeing 747 was having trouble with the engines. The pilots called the cabin crew and asked them to prepare the cabin for an emergency landing.

After a while, the pilots call back and ask if the cabin is secure. The flight attendant replies "Yes, captain. But there are some lawyers walking around handing out business cards"

jokes about boeing

Air and Space Museum

So a 5 year old boy is walking around in the air and space museum, but he doesn't seem to be having a good time. Naturally, his mom asks him what's bothering him, and he responds: "Mom, it's just too boeing."

What do you get when you cross a snake with a plane?

A boeing constrictor

What sound does a bouncing plane make?

Boeing boeing boeing

Boeing joke, What sound does a bouncing plane make?

What do you call a bouncy plane?

Boeing Boeing Boeing

What sound does a 747 make when it bounces?

boeing boeing boeing

A kid boards a flight for the first time in his life

Kid: What kind of flight is this mom?

Mom: Boeing

Kid: I'm boarding a Boeing, Boeing, Boeing, Boeing

Mom: Be silent you idiot

Kid: I'm oarding an oeing, oeing, oeing, oeing

P.S: Based on a true incident

At first I found flying a Boeing 747 on top of water hard

But soon after it was plane sailing.

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What do Intel, Google, Uber, eBay, McDonalds, Budweiser, AT&T, Oracle, Disney, Boeing, IBM and Apple have in common?


What did the airplane say to the ground when it crashed?


Apparently people don't like pictures of a Boeing 737

Maybe it's just too plain

What noise does a plane jumping on a trampoline do?


What noise does a aeroplane make when it bounces?


Boeing joke, What noise does a aeroplane make when it bounces?

What do you call a snake who makes a living building passenger airplanes?

A Boeing constructor.

A lot of people are into flight and aviation... that's cool and all, but

I find the whole thing rather Boeing.

What sound does an airplane make when it bounces off the ground?


Just got off a 20 hour flight

It was really Boeing

What noise does a plane make when it hits the ground?


What sound does a plane make when it hits a trampoline?


What do you call prostitution in an airplane?

Hoeing in a Boeing

What sound does a rubber airplane make?


I fell asleep in the airplane company meeting . . . . .

. . . . . because it was Boeing

What Do You Call A Plane That Bounces Off The Ground


Boeing joke, What Do You Call A Plane That Bounces Off The Ground

Saw a Cop walking around wearing a Boeing Jacket and a hat that said Gulfstream

Turns out he was a Planeclothes Officer

A Commercial Airliner Crashes Into The Ground and Flys Off Again.


If a plane tries to land but can't deploy its wheels, what sound does it make when it bounces off the ground?


9/11 jokes...

9/11 jokes are just plane boeing.

I don't know why all these countries are ordering to ground the Boeing 737 max

They literally ground themselves

A blonde joke

A blonde gets an opportunity to fly to a nearby country. She has never been on an airplane anywhere and was very excited and tense. As soon as she boarded the plane, a Boeing-747, she started jumping in excitement, running over seat to seat and starts shouting, "BOEING! BOEING!! BOEING!!! BO....."
She sort of forgets where she is, even the pilot in the cock-pit hears the noise. Annoyed by the goings on, the Pilot comes out and shouts "BE SILENT!"
There was pin-drop silence everywhere and everybody is looking at the blonde and the angry Pilot. She stared at the pilot in silence for a moment, concentrated really hard, and all of a sudden started shouting,"OEING! OEING! OEING! OE...."

What's your favorite submersible?

Mine's the Boeing 737 Max 8

The FAA is reviewing the Boeing 737 Max...

... they might throw it under the Airbus.

The FAA has determined that it will never need to ground a Boeing aircraft again.

The planes can clearly ground themselves!

After the recent incidents regarding 737 MAX airplanes Boeing should definitely rebrand.

Boink is much more fitting.

In light of recent adverse publicity, Boeing executives are considering renaming the company.

Boom and Splat did not make the list of finalists.

(Too soon?)

If a joke's over your head it's a "whoosh". But if a joke crashes and dies horribly,

That's a "Boeing".

What sound does an airplane make in a bouncy castle?

Boeing, Boeing, Boeing

How do you call a plane that bounces off a runway?

A Boeing

What's the difference between a Boeing 787 Dreamliner and a blonde?

Most people haven't been inside a '787.

I don't find airplane jokes funny.

To me they're just really boeing.

What do you call an airplane that bounces

Boeing Boeing Boeing

A plane malfunctioned and went for a nosedive mid-flight, but it just bounced after touching the ground.


What sound does a 747 make when it bounces?


United Airlines Boeing 777-200 Engine #2

Did you hear about the plane that crashed into the trampoline factory?

Witnesses heard a loud Boeing!

The war in Afghanistan ended after 20 years, who won?

Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Boeing and Lockheed Martin

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